Difference Between 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter

Difference Between 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter

As of today, there are lots of crimes that are happening on all parts of the globe. Crimes are almost everywhere, distinguishing the kind of crime that had happened is very important so that the investigation will never become hard. The level of the crime being committed has its own distinction in the legal world.

Killing of people is never a good thing that is to be talk about. There are lots of people who have been killed in different ways. Families of the person who have been killed are always shouting and asking for justice. It is the only thing that makes them free of the worries that the accused might have done the same thing to other people. That is the reason why there is a need to know the kind of crime and its degree so that the appropriate judgment will be given to the accused. The accused has to pay for the sin they have done not in the form of money but by being imprisoned. In some countries the accused that have been found guilty of killing others were being given the judgment of having been killed as well. It is the level of the crime that will serve as a basis for making the decision on the case.

2nd Degree Murder

Murder as a crime has its different levels according to the way how the person was killed. In most cases the person who pacifies the quarrel was the one to be killed. Murder in second degree is considered as homicide which happens without doing any preparation on killing the person. This is said to have been second degree because the killing is done without any intention on the first place. Persons who have been judge as guilty of 2nd degree murder should be at the place and time that the attempt to commit the crime or in the flight afterwards. This degree of killing is due to mans recklessness and vulnerable acts; they were not able to control their emotion thereby the one who is pacifying the quarrel was the person who were being killed. Even though this is considered as a second degree killing it is still a felony that needs to be heard in the court for proper judgment of the accused.


This kind of killing is never a thing that is done with preparation because it always happens accidentally. It is never a plan that was made just to kill the person and take their lives. This crime happens when a person accidentally causes death of another individual. Manslaughter is being known as “wrongful death” due to negligence of a certain person. It is the wrong action being done that makes it a wrong death. This kind of crime is quite different from others because most of the time the person who causes death is only giving financial compensation just to ask for the forgiveness of the family. However, if the family has decided to continue the case and have added legal actions this leads to trial or hearing of the case on the court.

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