Factory Farming Pros and Cons


Factory farming is a way of mass producing large quantities of food, mostly meat, at a faster rate than traditional farming. It has become a hot button issue because of the horrible conditions the animals are subjected to for their entire lives. The sole purpose of these farms is to produce the most product and gain the most profit. Do the pros truly outweigh the con in this industry? Let’s explore further.

3 Pros of Factory Farming

1. Cheap
The cost of food is drastically reduced with the use of factory farms. This is because the food is produced and processed at a much faster rate, with more efficient processes involved.

2. Very Lucrative
The profit margin for these factory farms is large, this is because the proper care of animals is looked over, which is where much of farming costs lay. The areas in which these farms are located also provide them with cheap labor.

3. Lots of Job Opportunities
Factory farms are huge operations, that need a huge number of employees to ensure they run correctly. They offer a wide variety of job opportunities and economic stimulation to areas of the world that are in desperate need of this type of help.

4 Factory Farming Cons

1. Animal Cruelty
The animals that fall victim to the cruel conditions of factory farming live very sad lives. They are packed into incredibly small areas, often indoors, and fed additives in order to fatten them up. This is the only life that they know until they are killed to be processed.

2. Health Concerns
The health and well being of the consumer should also be looked at. The bad conditions that the animals live in breed disease and illness within the animals. This could translate to contaminated and dangerous meat.

3. Hurting Farming Community
The family farm has been nearly wiped out in the U.S. due to these types of operations. They can produce goods much more quickly and cheaper than traditional farming, making it the obvious choice for businesses and large scale companies.

4. The Environment Is Paying
Due to the immense overcrowding, the land surrounding these factory farms cannot handle the amount of waste that the animals produce. This attributes to land, water, and air pollution in the surrounding areas.

What is the best Factory Farming or Natural Farming?

Animals, while they are a great source of food, deserve respect. Factory farming is a horrible way to treat precious creatures. Natural farming allows them to have an enjoyable life, and see them as living creatures instead of just a piece of meat and dollar signs.