Gun Control Pros and Cons


Gun control has been a big topic for politicians and American’s for quite some time. Stricter gun control has gained quite a bit of support, but also a substantial amount of critics. People argue that the right to own firearms is part of the constitution, but others say that this was never meant to apply to citizens. It is a sensitive topic, one that people are either highly in favor of or highly against. There are benefits, of course, to implementing stricter gun laws, but what are the consequences?

5 Pros of Gun Control

1. Potentially fewer school shootings:
The harder it is for someone to get their hands on a gun, the less likely they are to commit a crime with said gun. This will cause a dramatic decrease in the occurrences of school and other types of shootings.

2. Accidental Shootings:
When firearms are forbidden there’ll be fewer firearms in circulation, meaning far less unintentional shootings will happen. There is a large number of accidental shootings each year.

3. Second Constitutional Amendment:
The second amendment provides all residents of America their right to bear firearms. Enforcing a ban on fire arms would be against our constitutional rights.

4. Putting an armed security guard in colleges and schools:
This may raise the eyebrows of someone but student feel safer at school.

5. Security:
If firearms are controlled, criminals will hesitate to carry a gun and this may lessen the fear of many residents.

7 Cons of Gun Control

1. Banning Firearms:
Constitutional amendment allows all residents to possess a firearm. When firearms are controlled our rights are breached.

2. Increased Number of Crime:
Just because guns are illegal does not mean that people will not have them any longer. Many things are illegal in America that are bought, sold, and used everyday.

3. Hunt and Skeet Shoot:
It’s not fair to dispossess hunters the right to hunt and the rights of shooters to practice.

4. Put an Armed Security Guard at Education Organizations:
Students might feel worried and edgy at noticing a guard equipped with a gun on a daily basis.

5. It takes away careers:
There are more than 130,000 authorized gun providers in the United States. Pawnshops, gun stores as well as collectors all offer guns. Gun control may affect their business which will result to cutting the cost of operation by firing some of their employees.

6. Lawful Rights:
Gun control and any other prohibitions will not make guns disappear or less dangerous. So as to secure themselves, the property and the family, it’s a lawful right of everyone to possess a weapon.