Immigration Reform Pros and Cons


No doubt, the most controversial issue that the country is facing today is the immigration reform. America is considered as a nation of immigrants. Millions have traveled enormous distances to partake in the freedom that America offers. They are all united by faith in the opportunity called the American Dream. However, this nation is also a dwelling place of laws and fairness. Regardless of where the immigrants come from, this land offers a place where they can live, work and be successful as long as they abide with the laws and play honestly at all times. It is the honesty and obedience to the law that spurs the American Dream achievable.

These traditions are entangled with history and must be considered when debating immigration reforms. It is very obvious that the immigration system is down. Immigration reform evokes profound emotions for people on each side of the fence. So here, you may acquire some ideas about the arguments of both sides. Here are the immigration reform pros and cons.

4 Pros of the Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is associated with benefits like:

1. The immigration reform is currently promoted by President Obama and if this will be approved, the strict enforcement on the borders will be practiced. Because of this, the amount of illegal activities like for example drug and human trafficking will be reduced. Everyone residing in the country will benefit from this.

2. A Guest Worker Program will be adopted. Workers from outside will be given work permissions to come and work in the country, but after the contract expires, they have to leave. In this way, the labor force will be properly monitored and will have an organized labor system.

3. If the reform will be approved, the chance of economic boost is really high. If all the working immigrants are registered in the labor system, local taxes will be applied and they have to report it just like a regular US citizen would. The government can also accumulate funds because if an immigrant is caught illegal they will have to pay fine.

4. At present, the number of illegal immigrants in the country is approximately 11 million. With this proposed reform they will be forced to come out and they have to work legally. If they can not comply, they will be extradited out of this country. Through this, the chance of decreasing the rate of unemployed for the regular citizens is very high.

3 Cons of the Immigration Reform

1. If the illegal immigrants will be given amnesty, chances are more people will still attempt to cross over the border because they might think that they will be given amnesty as well. The population of illegal immigrants will continue to increase.

2. If this reform will not push through, the labor industry will have a big trouble. Competition in searching for job will rise and will boost the unemployment rate.

3. The issue regarding the language barrier will occur. American English is at stake.

How do you feel about the Immigration Reform?

For some people, when they hear about immigration, probably, the things that come to their minds are illegal aliens or crossing the nation’s border. But, in this subject, tons of different opinions will emerge that may cause political uprising. The debate about Immigration Reform is still on – how about your feelings about the issue?