Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons


Illegal immigration can be defined as trespassing over the national border in a way that the person involved violates the laws implemented by the concerned nation. The most often seen example of illegal migration is from those countries with poor socio-economic level to developed ones. Although there are several reasons why this situation occurs, the principal motivation which plays a very crucial role in this matter is the expectation for better and more economic opportunities & enhanced quality of life. Here, you will learn more about the pros and cons of illegal immigration.

The 8 Pros of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration can benefit you in numerous ways. If you wonder about its benefits then you may continue reading. These benefits are outlined below:

1. The economy will be in balance while the demand for low wage workers is fulfilled at all times.

2. The lives of poor migrants will be improved with the help of illegal immigration. Hence, it will provide them free will to liberty and life.

3. Different market spheres open up to accommodate customers of various income ranges.

4. Illegal immigrants add to the tax system of the involved country as they pay sales taxes.

5. Illegal migrants who own real estate properties will be obliged to pay taxes and this will benefit the country where they go.

6. Real estate agents including the brokers will get commission coming from the real estate transactions made between them and the immigrants.

7. These immigrants will also enjoy the country’s banking services. Therefore, they pay dividends and interests to banks.

8. Financial & auto insurance loans will make the country’s income even higher.

The 7 Cons of Illegal Immigration

On the other hand, illegal immigrant can also lead to various problems. Its disadvantages are the following:

1. Judicial issues will start to arise once these immigrants commit a crime and they prefer to leave the country instead of being responsible for their offense.

2. Illegal immigration results to overcrowding & increased load on public transit, parks and other places where most people usually go.

3. Increased transgression rate with the inhabitants.

4. Rise of problems that are associated with the financial problems on schools.

5. Concerns of unstable ethnic variety. This can result to dominance of a particular culture or language.

6. Increased possibility of cases relevant to human trafficking.

7. An increase in the population which can trigger burden on the nation involved.

How Do You Feel about Illegal Immigration

One of the realities concerning illegal immigration is more and more people choose to live in another country in illegal way. This situation keeps from happening again and again. The probable cause of it is that the state system is not powerful and efficient enough to counter check the paths where foreign nationals can pass and enter a country in an authorized way. As people need to show respect to needy and poor, there’s no profundity in the debate that it will be fair to break the rules if its’ for valid reasons. So, what can you say about this now?