Mandatory Vaccinations Pros and Cons

Mandatory Vaccinations Pros and Cons

At the time, the issue of mandatory vaccinations is coming under major fire from different groups. There are claims that the vaccinations are creating more disease and more issues than they are worth. Parents are starting to fight the fact that most schools will not allow a student to attend unless they have the most up to date vaccinations.

Benefit of Mandatory Vaccinations

On the pro side, mandatory vaccinations provide an overall ability to combat major disease in both the individual and in people in general. Some disease, like polio, have been near eliminated because of these vaccinations. It is not really known whether some of these would return without the medications, but it is very possible. Each of these has a very bad effect. Some diseases, like polio, can eventually kill the person that contracts the disease.

There have been diseases in the past that have nearly destroyed entire regions of the world and spread out from that point. The only way to combat these diseases is with a vaccination. There is no doubt that these have been stopped by the vaccinations that are given. The question that seems to be on most people’s mind is whether the vaccinations have created new medical issues as time has progressed. That is where the cons of mandatory vaccinations comes into play.

Risks Associated with Vaccinations

Some doctors have made claims that the vaccinations are creating new medical issues and making some older issues worse. There are those that claim that things like Autism have been made more prevalent since the mass use of vaccinations. Whether this is true is very hard to determine. The environment in which children are born changes nearly every year. Computers, mobile phones, newer types of TV’s and countless other changes have taken place over the past 25 years. Pollution has changed, chemicals in foods have changed and it is hard to point at any one thing that could cause changes in the physical well-being of the people.

The fact is that if these accounts are true, and because of them they resend the mandatory vaccination laws, then a parent would be making an active choice between some of the diseases of the past and some of the possible conditions that may result from the vaccinations themselves. That would no doubt be a very hard choice for them to make.