Presidential Term Limits Pros and Cons

Presidential Term Limits Pros and Cons

When it comes to anything involving a President of the United States, everyone will have an opinion. They are either for them or against them, they believe in their policies or they don’t believe in their polices, they believe they are the best President or the Nation’s worst. Many people will even debate the term of a person being the President. While there are many reasons on both sides, it is good to look at some of the top reasons so you can have a better understanding of where the other side is coming from and some statistical information to help you in your decision.

Term limits were set in place to ensure that one person cannot rule over the nation for an indefinite number of years. People believe that as times change and the world evolves more, that Presidents and their through processes evolve as well, and having a new man take charge is better than someone who is President to change and may not always look out for the best interest in the country.

Term limits were also designed so that those who potentially may be the best person to guide this country has an ample and equal chance of being able to do so than just one person until their death. This allows for new ways of thinking, new insight, and a change overall. Stagnancy can cause delays in the judicial and governmental systems as a result of being resistant to changes. In extenuating circumstances however, a President may be able to hold office for longer than his term would generally allow for. A perfect example of this situation is with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Term limits also allow for change that is necessary to adapt to the changing times. Presidential candidates who have experienced more that is government based (such as serving in the military or other government positions) are more knowledgeable about the country, the crisis that the county may be in, and how to handle these situations. These people are intelligent and bright minded people who are open to change, open to ideas, and who consider all options.

One of the strongest points used when it comes to the length of a presidential term is when there is a war happening. While many people feel that the same man should stay in office so that our forces are not jeopardized by the governmental change (and possibly a different outlook on the war situation), others feel that a change can cause undue blame placed on the wrong person. Others may feel that staying with one president through a time of war allows for blame to be placed on the right person, that they are held accountable, and that a plan that is working can stay working because it was the plan in that persons mind.

While everyone will have their opinions on this, there will always be more arguments that are brought up. Each person may feel that the term is right, or too short, or even too long. If it were to come to a vote of the people, knowing some of the reasons why it should be favored and why it should be opposed can help you make a better decision when it comes time to cast your vote.