Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuel is obviously occurring substances which can be found on earth surface. They are generated as an outcome of the decay of the wastes of various organic matters, covert for many million years under the anaerobic forms. The main component of fossil is carbon. Most fossils carbon are present in pure form and in some, the appearance of hydrocarbon components is present.

4 Fossil Fuels Pros

1. It is Properly Developed
The applied technology in harnessing the power of fuel fossils is properly developed. The major cause of this is the fact that this kind of fuel has been utilized to power the world for several years.

2. Reliable and Cheap Fossil fuel is reliable and cheap sources of power. They are also excellent kinds of fuel to utilize for the power based load, compared to any unreliable energy resources like solar and wind.

3. Availability
This kind of fuel can be obtained fairly easily on earth surface. In addition, the refining and extraction process are not time consuming, and so the crude type of the fossil can be converted easily for practical uses. Virtually 50% of the energy generation plant use coal as the resource of fuel. The reason behind this is the fact that it highly reliable and cheap source of power.

4. It assists to make more jobs for many individuals
This is a significant factor of this fuel that many people can’t afford to disregard. It make job for many millions of individuals all over the world who is concerned with processing the fuel.

5 Fossil Fuels Cons

1. Environmental Risk
This kind of fuel is not green resources of power. As a matter of fact, it has higher level of carbon that is main contributor to climate change and global warming.

2. Fossil Fuel is Non Renewable
This fuel is non renewable power resources. Meaning, there are limited level of fuel accessible and the reserve is not reloaded naturally. This not totally correct, as this kind of fuel is product of many years of usual or normal processes like anaerobic decomposition of natural matter. Compared to renewable power sources like solar and wind, it takes many year prior the development of fuel occur in any notable quantities.

3. Unsustainable
People are spending fossil fuel reserve in non sustainable way. By chance, this pressure people to think poles apart with regards to power that results in the development of renewable as well as green resources of energy.

4. Incentivized Another essential reason why this kind of fuel is reasonable is a background of government reasons. Natural gas, petroleum and coal received 4.22 billion the majority in direct subsidies, while solar obtained 1.13 billion.

5. Prone to Accidents
There is no serious incidents to associated to nuclear energy, but fossil fuel will never has the security of wind and solar. There are oil spill reported in Mexico because of using this kind of power sources.

Fossil fuels indeed are very helpful in people’s daily life. However still it is very important to weigh the pros and cons of using this power.