Pros and Cons of Joining the Army


The army is one branch of the Military that covers ground and infantry problems. The army is by far the largest branch of the military in the United States and accepts almost anybody into service. Like any branch of the military, there are major pros and cons associated with joining. Explore all of these in depth before beginning the big decision on whether or not to join.

Pros of Joining The Army

Job Security
The military is something that will always be needed. You are trained for a specific job that will be yours as long as you want it. There are no lay offs in the army and people do not just get fired either. This is the ultimate job security.

Travel The World
One of the biggest drawing points for people into the army is being able to see the world. You are often stationed or deployed in very exotic places all over the world.

Life Long Bonds
When you are in the army you are surrounded by the same people for a very long time. You work together, fight together, and experience all kinds of new things together. These experiences bring you extremely close together and create friendships that will last forever.

Great Benefits
It is no secret that the military offers incredible benefits to the people who serve. Free healthcare, education, and great retirement plans are all given to every person who serves in the United States Military.

Easy To Get In
The army is the easiest branch of the military to be accepted to. This is ideal for someone who did not score well on the ASVAB test or that does not have a high school diploma. The physical standards are also lower, so this is a better option for someone who is not in great shape yet.

Cons of Joining The Army

Away From Family and Friends
Being in the army requires you to spend a large majority of your time far away from your family, friends, and loved ones. This can create a lot of stress on relationships and the over all mental well being of the soldier.

Risk of Death
The army is the first branch of the military deployed if something is happening. This makes them the most at risk for being seriously injured, or even killed, during battle or on the job.

Intense Routine
Waking up extremely early every day, working just about all holidays, and doing intense workouts are a part of every U.S. army soldier’s life while they are serving.

Make Your Own Decision

Making the decision to join the Army is a very big one. This life changing decision should be approached with much caution and the intentions of learning everything that is entailed in enlisting.