Pros and Cons of Marxism

Pros and Cons of Marxism

Karl Marx is known for being the father of Marxism. Much of this has to do with his obsession with Hegel’s ideas. He was a communist, an advocate for human rights, and a political journalist. There are pros and cons of Marxism and it’s important to identify them.

List of Pros of Marxism

There are many pros involved with Marxism, and they can be looked at very differently based upon your own personal outlooks.

He believes that there should be equality before the law. This includes equal healthcare, equal education, and gender roles. Everyone has an equal stance and an equal opportunity. There would be no dominant gender. Everyone would be able to get the education and healthcare that they need, regardless of what they do, where they live, or how much they make. It could provide a better living for everyone.

Marxism is also under the belief that there should never be exploitation of workers by management, which is also why those who are followers of Karl Marx believe that unions are a good idea.

List of Cons of Marxism

There are several cons of Marxism as well. This includes no organized religion, which would mean that many of the spiritual beliefs that are followed around the world would simply disappear. Christianity and Judaism are both considered “organized religion”. Marx felt that religion was being used to control the people and that it was a scam for the government to keep hold of the people. It would not allow people to have the freedom to choose their spirituality.

There is also the idea that private businesses and private property should be abolished. This would make it impossible for anyone to get a “one up” on someone else, which means there is no reward for working harder than someone else. Private businesses provide opportunity for success and motivation to take on more responsibility. It also allows people to have a sense of competition, which can be important. Many of the products and services we have on the market today are as a result of competition as people want to push themselves and continue to do better.

Communism is another con of Marxism because it leads to dictatorship as well as the destruction of our society. It doesn’t allow anyone to be an individual and this can lead to a very dangerous society because no one would be motivated.

Equality sounds great in theory because there are plenty of examples where people are not being treated fairly. However, under Marxism, the individual is taken out of the scenario. People lose the right to worship the way they want and go into private business. There is no motivation to push one’s self or compete, which could be the fall in our economy.