Pros and Cons of Technology


Continuous innovations and modernization has greatly contributed to the birth of the modern technology. Technology has abundantly impacted the lives of the people all over the world and served them with great services throughout the decades. The first function and goals of technology is liable communication and quality education.

The debate between proponents and opponents has manifested their contrasting point of views regarding technology, and had delivered the categorized pros and cons of technology. These contrasting ideas are transparently manifested in respect to those aspects it has an impact on education.

The Pros of Technology on Education

  • By the combination of technology and education, there is a commensalism happening. The application of technology enhances the students’ interest and intimacy towards their lessons through engaging themselves with recorded video tutorials and virtual field trips.
  • A student improved his or her skill in using computers that will aid in efficient learning through the web. Many companies make use of computers for business and transaction purposes. This will serve as an opportunity for those trained students to engage themselves with computer-related works of they would like to have a part-time job.
  • The use of technology does not only apply to students but as well as to the teachers. Instructions given to the pupils and lesson plans to be covered can be done easily through presentations and recorded tutorials.
  • Technology has facilitated younger minds to develop researching skills. Broadened learning skills regarding certain topics that interest the students are the product of exploration. Furthermore, students can study their lessons anywhere at any time through online surfing or reading presentation prepared by their instructor.

Cons of Technology on Education

  • Although technology has greatly contributed to the easiness of attaining quality education, a student’s that rely dominantly on technology can bring out the optimized laziness in him or her. Taking down notes during class discussion is an important habit as well.
  • University or college libraries applying technological method of serving the students can be very expensive.
  • Even a minimal technological assistance is very expensive. The more demanding the technology is the more finance is necessary in keeping the technology to run continuously.

Pros of Technology on Communication

Electronic communicating equipment is one of the best innovations of technology. People within a community and even around the world can communicate through the use of this equipment. The accessibility of these inventions has greatly made fences for faster communication.

Cons of Technology on Communication

People who are far from their relatives will not have personal physical interactions. Communication technology is all about verbal communication and not non-verbal interactions. This is the limitation of technology.

How Do You Feel about Technology?

The utilization of technology is convincingly done worldwide for an easy and efficient way of everyday living. Without the great minds of ancient people, there will be no birth of technology. There would have been no tool for faster development. So, it is unconvincing to think that even without the application of technology, future vision can still be achieved. Without the previous function of technology in the community there will be no foundation for building further progression in the society.