Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom


Classroom is the secondary room of improvement and learning. It is the place where students are able to develop a more flexible and broad knowledge regarding necessary topics they are encountering. School institutes have this uniform goal: provide quality education to the students as well as allowing them to have an enjoying learning experience during their stay in the school.


Schools have tremendously adopted the world of technology. Specifically inside the classroom, it is not a doubt that technology is part of a student’s everyday learning. Both the teacher and the students prefer it best to involve application of technology for an easy and efficient learning. Below are the continuous positive influences of technology in the classroom.



Pros of Technology in the Classroom

  • Students are unlimitedly capable of exploring the internet for research purposes. This is likely to enhance and develop their researching skills.


  • Educational references are uploaded online which may come in handy for students to obtain it faster, unlike finding one in places that can be time consuming to obtain.


  • Professors can easily make lesson plans in their computer. Lessons and instructions can be made through presentations like Power point of Microsoft Word. Presentation through the use of projector will be the most convenient way of discussing certain lessons with the students. In addition, soft copies of the prepared lesson can be passed to the students for reviewing purposes.


  • Electronic devices such as air conditioner and other facilities will enlighten the atmosphere of educating for a more comfortable class discussion.


  • A library equipped with computers encourages more students to visit. This is a technological way of serving the students in which one can access freely online.


With all these benefits that technology has to offer, both the school and the pupils that they are educating exhibit educational progression in terms of standards and learning techniques. However, one must measure the moderate reliance in technology. Too much demand on technology, without them knowing, can have negative influence in the communal state of the school. Below are cons which were manifested by critics.



Cons of Technology in the Classroom

  • Some student can be carried away due to excessive interest and satisfaction during exploration. This tends to push the students to intentionally explore other activities which are not related to the lesson. This brings about immediate distraction to the learner.


  • Special demands for technology are expectedly expensive. Once utilized as a school facility, continuous running of this facility is a must. A continuous need of technology only means persistency of a big financial investment.


How Do You Feel about Utilizing Technology in the Classroom?

Several school institutions have permanently set technology as one of the most important school facilities that must be utilized to provide the students with quality education and a fun learning experience throughout their stay in the institution. This are the things that matters most in order to achieve their goal of producing top students characterized by impressive and outstanding skills useful in every aspect. However, a moderate reliance on technology must be measured to assure the educational value of the institution.