Pros and Cons of the Articles of Confederation


The Articles of Confederation was agreed by Continental Congress in November 15, 1777 during the second anniversary of the independence of America. This document’s ultimate purpose was to form a government governing an emerging nation to go against British Government. The Article of Confederation and Perpetual union of thirteen states were ratified on the first day of March in 1781 by Maryland. This was approved since the document is stated with powerful promises of freedom.

Pros of the Article of Confederation

  • The document had stated to provide protection against the cruel and unlawful act of ruling the American colonies by the Britain government that was lead by the British King George III. It was stated to have a desperate attempt of establishing a new form of government that will go against the tyranny of the British Government.
  • Freedom of movement which is under Article IV. This section explained the security and perpetual interactions and partnership among the citizens of the emerged nation. The article permitted the people: to go travel from places to places within the area of the nation which in this case will give them opportunity to obtain a better life; and to trade and transact internally. This freedom was given throughout all of the citizens from different States excluding the criminals.
  • The document created a bridge to connect the individual States by empowering league of friendship among them. This article delivered an assurance of mutual interactions for the whole nation’s general welfare. League of Friendship was also necessary unity for defense and attack against offensive assault of nations external to their boundary. The declaration of this war is a power given to the Congress.

However, there was a governmental flaw that initiated severe consequences which influenced the union of the nation. This situation triggered the complete failure of the movement.

Cons of the Article of Confederation

  • The central government that was established left with insufficient power. That is why it was a weak government that could not efficiently run the nation.
  • The government were unable to operate the collection of taxes that eventually left them with hills of debt and was incapable of paying mandated supplies to equip the Revolutionary War. The individual states were to collect tax right after the government requested for it. The inability to tax the citizens were primarily because the Confederation was not empowered with enforcement of those requests as they were completely ignored.
  • There was a poor establishment of the military program. Rather than producing the national military, the Confederation produced one militia in each individual colony in providing a uniform defense for the emerged nation. Moreover, things got worst due to lack of military training and financial support to provide the soldiers with supplies and equipment.

How Do You feel about the Article of Confederation?

The Article of Confederation is possible to accomplish its goal if it would have been smartly enforced. This document served as the agreement that constitutes to the establishment of the first ever national government or institute among thirteen countries; fused the thirteen sovereign and independent countries to form an alliance. With these great and predominant attempts for independence, it will need abundant investment of political knowledge in running a nation.