Pros and Cons of Whaling

Pros and Cons of Whaling

Whaling is an activity that has been going on for quite some time right now. In fact, it is an activity that has been recorded as far as 5,000 years ago! This means that, to some populations of our planet, this is already a tradition. But then again, whaling is the practice of hunting whales, and that always involves the endangerment of a species of things aren’t done properly. Whaling has sparked a lot of debate, and in this article we’re looking at the pros and cons of whaling.

List of Pros of Whaling

1. They Are Part of the Diet.
For a lot of people throughout the world, whales are part of the diet that people consume, and that means that without the whales, their traditional dishes ad diet would be completely broken, which would have unforeseen consequences on these populations. This would be the as, for the western world, to stop hunting and eating chicken.

2. Whale Hunting is Profitable.
For the people that hunt whales, this is a very profitable activity. It is clearly not easy to hunt down a huge animal such as a whale, and as such they turn into “heroes” whenever they do manage to do so, and they get a lot of profit out of it.

List of Cons of Whaling

1. It Is Completely Inhumane.
Typically, whales are hunted down with harpoons that hit the whales when the shooter manages to do so. But this isn’t the end of it, these harpoons explode inside the body of the whale, and it can sometimes take hours to kill the whale, making it suffer every minute until it finally ends.

2. Whales Are Intelligent.
Scientists claim that whales have brain cells and brain sizes that only incredibly intelligent species can have. This means that there is a lot to learn about whales and that it is possible for them to evolve in ways that we can only imagine.

3. They Are Endangered.
A lot of whale species are already endangered and risking extinction. If we add this to the point above, we can be losing out on a lot of knowledge we could get from these species of whales if they do go extinct. Furthermore, we are going to stop the natural evolutionary process that would be taking place without us hunting them down.

4. Whale Watching Is A Bigger Industry.
From a financial point of view, it makes no sense to hunt whales. This is due to the fact that even though whaling brings in a profit for companies and countries, whale watching is a much more sustainable business model that has billions of dollars’ worth of untapped revenue because people are more concerned about hunting whales rather than watching them.