Reusable Grocery Bags Pros and Cons


Reusable grocery bags or shopping bags are just made of components which allow the basket to be use again. These components might take account of canvas, heavy duty plastic as well as synthetic fibers. Most grocery bags are completed from recycled components which make the user friendly and eco-friendly as well.

Pros of Reusable Grocery Bags

  • Reusability – Indeed this is the essential benefit of reusable bags. You can utilize them over and over again. You can also repair the damage and pursue using them.
  • Less Damage During Manufacturing – Research show that minor damaged is resulted to the surrounding during the manufacturing of these bags compared to paper and plastic bags. On the other hand, some reports commended that is harm is greater and which the grocery bags will need to be utilized for longer period of time so as to compensate the harm or the damage.
  • Flexible – The fact that is made from durable materials, these are best to carry many item. It also has the capability to accommodate any products and easy to handle.

As mentioned above, user can make the bags on their own with strong component which they can get even at their home. For example, user can make their personal canvas bag easily. A lot of people event commend lining these grocery bags using plastic in order to used items like wet goods and vegetables.

Cons of Reusable Grocery Bags

Media reports and current researches have revealed that even these bags are eco-friendly may cause a serious risks not just to the surrounding but also for your wellbeing in due course. There are issues about using grocery bags.

  • Contains Harmful Chemicals such as Lead – Current research show that this bag contain harmful chemical like lead, which is a dangerous toxin to the surrounding and health as well. Bags which have printed design are determined to have large amount of hazardous chemical compared to plain bags. Upon discarding the bag, it is expected that the chemical will go to the groundwater and cause a great risk to the health and surrounding. Lead can cause poisoning. The paint which has lead might start to flake and go to the food which is inside the bag.
  • Presence of Germs – Another issue about these grocery bags is the presence of germs. Using this bag without washing or cleaning will obviously lead to the growth of microorganisms and other germ in the grocery bag. Research shows that these bags are place for the development of a risky germ also known as coliform that can cause various illnesses. So, it is essential to wash the bag after and before using it to remove these bacteria.
  • Inappropriate Products such as Meat and Vegetables – While many users oppose, the bag is intended only to carry packaged and dry item than meats and vegetables. This is due to the fact that wet products might be exposed directly to germs which the grocery bags might harbour. In this case it is essential to use biodegradable bags.