Right to Work Pros and Cons


The right to work law was put into effect in the United States beneath the condition of Taft Hartley Act. It actually prohibited the agreement in the middle of employers and labor union which needs a certain workplace and makes it a closed shop. Actually, this law can be a large incentive for a business, seeing as both developers and business owners don’t require negotiating with union. The presence of this right to work law is really significant for all employees because it act as their protector and gives them the lots of benefits. Aside from that, it also provides security to employees and allows them to make decisions if they will join or not in the union.


Right to work law is still present today and is being followed in different countries. This is not just a simple thing that you must ignore. If you are an employee, it is significant for you to know this because it will give you lots of idea in your rights. This law will also give you understanding on the things that should be done by your employer primarily in the way they give your monthly salary and in other benefits that they need to give to you. Right to work law comes out with pros and cons. This information is already listed below. Read it carefully and properly so that you will understand it.



The Pros of Right to Work

  • Essential’s That belong in a Constitution – Right to work is already belongs to constitution. This only means that employees will have the right and freedom to be a member or not of a union.


  • Union Accountability – This law is all about union accountability. Workers can purchase the service offer by a union in managing concession along with employer.


  • Guide to Competitive Wages and Bidding – According to a survey, right to work law provides great bidding and wages. That’s why individuals who don’t have work will have the chance to gain job with ease.


  • Greater Percentage for Workers – It actually employs grand percentage of employees. When this law implemented, the number of employees increases.


The Cons of Right to Work

  • Very Low Payment in Wages – Both employers and employees gain very low wages. That’s why they can’t easily give to their family the things that it needs.


  • Weak Unions – Because there are some unions that force their employers to have a negotiation with employees with regard to labor union, the trust and loyalty of their employers lessen. So, it means that they have a very weak unity.


  • At Will Employment – Both employees and employers have the right to terminate their relationship.


How Do You Feel About Right to Work

The presence of right to work is a great idea because it gives workers the right to work without giving them hardships primarily in gaining the right salary and benefits from the company where they are working for. All employees today should know the right to work law so that they can recognize if their employer or union gives them all things they need.