School Uniforms Pros and Cons


School uniforms are one of the requirements that public and private schools often have. The presence of uniforms in schoosl is significant because it allows the children to look neat and nice. Actually, the uniforms used in the schools come in two categories: it can be in formal and informal. When it comes to informal, students often wear the clothes that give them comfort. In formal, both boys and girls have different styles of clothes and it often comes with a similar color primarily on the skirts and pants.

Most parents from different countries prefer school uniforms to be worn by their children because they really feel that their children go to school not in any other places. Uniform is one of the reasons why most students look so beautiful and neat to look at. In order to keep its cleanliness and neat appearance, students should know how to wash and iron it. In this way, they can really assure to their self that it will give them great appearance to people around them. Do you want to know the pros and cons of school uniform?

The Pros of School Uniforms

  • Provide Comfort to Students – School uniform gives great comfort in the skin and so, students will never have issues on wearing it.
  • Lessen Violence – There are times that through the use of a school uniform, those individuals who have bad intention to a student lose its confidence to do their intention.
  • Clothing Discipline to Students – Wearing school uniform can give discipline to students. Through this uniform, they can wear formal and well designed cloth.
  • Support Schools – To know more by a lot of people from different places.
  • Gaining Popularity – Most schools today are gaining popularity due to the uniform that they own and worn by their students.

The Cons of School Uniforms

  • Doesn’t Give Freedom of Expression – Some students are not in favor of school uniform because it prevents them to show who they are.
  • Crime Rate – Doesn’t give the assurance that crime rate will decrease
  • Environmental Crime – Even though most schools today have their school uniform, it doesn’t decreases that rate of crime in the environment.
  • Bullying – Students will still encounter bullying.
  • Bullying From Other Schools – A group of students can still bully a certain student even though it came from other schools.
  • High Cost – Most parents prefer their children to go in a school that doesn’t require them to wear uniform because it is mostly offered at a very high cost. It is true that the fabric today is offered in a very high price so creating uniform will require them to spend a big amount of money.

How Do You Feel About School Uniforms?

School uniforms are very significant for most schools from nursery to college because it provide a great feeling and appearance to students. It also supports every school to become more popular. Due to the benefits that it provides, parents mostly prefer to enroll their children in a highly reputable school. Even though it has several disadvantages, still lots of schools require their students to wear their uniform.