School Vouchers Pros and Cons


School voucher let the parents to utilize monetary voucher from the state, federal government, or city in paying the education expenses of their children who are studying in a private school. There are some foreign cities and countries that offer a school voucher to parents who want to give their children with great education. The amount of this voucher is just like the amount spent in a public school and that’s why most parents want to have this voucher so that they can allow their children to study in a private school.


School vouchers are only made and offered to parents who have a very low monthly or yearly income. Through the help and presence of school voucher, entire parent can easily give their children high standard of education without worrying in the big amount of money that often pay by rich ones. Aside from this, school voucher can still has advantages that even you will have the interest to have it.



The Pros Of School Vouchers

  • Allow poor family to enroll their children in a private school. School vouchers allow the parents to give their children with continuous education. In this way, the rate of out of school children will immediately decrease. Parents will have the assurance that they can help their children to finish their study perfectly.


  • Improve the quality of education that a certain student have. It is true that some children today are forced by their parents to stop their studies due to the financial issues. Their learning from school is not enough and that’s why through the help of school vouchers, they can continue their studies and learn more things that will lead them to success.


  • Provide a great educational opportunity to children. Because children are studying in a private school, it is possible that they will gain great educational opportunities which the public schools cannot provide.



The Cons Of School Vouchers

  • It takes away a great amount of money from the public school. School vouchers take away the money from public schools. This money is needed more by public schools. That’s why they often lack of funds in improving the standard of education which they should give to their students.


  • Violate the separation of the state and church. Because most private schools today are being supported with religious group, the money it earned doesn’t fall or benefited the state and church.


  • Gain discrimination for poor students. Even though poor students are studying in a private school, they will still feel discriminations from other students who grow up in a wealthy lifestyle.


How Do You Feel About School Vouchers

School vouchers are great thing for most parents who want to give their children a high standard of education. Actually, education is the only thing that can be used by the parents as a legacy to their children. Without education, children will surely live in life without reaching success. Through the help of this voucher, poor families can still have hope that they can still allow their children to finish their studies. Children will be guaranteed that they will gain complete learning in school.