South Korea Education Statistics

South Korea Education Statistics

In the 2010 UNESCO report, South Korea holds the highest gross enrollment for tertiary level at 103%, higher than the ratio among other countries across the globe. This is the total enrollment within the tertiary level regardless of students’ age as expressed with the percentage of the overall population of a 5-year age group from the secondary level. The statistics only show the symbolic quality that Republic of Korea is placing on their education system. With 65% of Koreans aging from 25 to 34 attaining their tertiary education based on the report of OECD in 2010, 97% of the same group has finished their upper secondary education. With these high attainments of Koreans, the country has the 1st rank among other OECD countries.

International Ranking

The education system in South Korea is renowned across the globe when it comes to effectiveness, which led the country to rank 1st in reading, 2nd in math and 4th in science. This is based from the 2009 PISA or Programme for International Student Assessment for 15-year old students. While those students aging from 16 to 24 also did well in the previous international survey of adult skills made by OECD released this 2013.

Most students in the country are finishing primary schools and almost all of these students would pursue to secondary education and finish in high schools where they pass entrance exams. The educational system of the country is considered to be one of the best in the world since students are required to attend school and spend more time in school as compared to the regular hours that students would spend in different part of the world.

In addition to the required hours spent in schools, parents in the country also exerts effort in paying for additional classes at home or during Saturdays as they want to keep their children focused on studying and going to school. Though public primary schools are offered to all children aging from 8 to 13 and most of the children finishing it continue to secondary public schools, 95% of these students would choose to go to independent owned middle schools for their middle school level.

Due to many parents pressuring and stressing their children in finishing school and attaining success, the country got a low rank when it comes to students’ happiness with their studies. There were also many criticisms with the educational system in South Korea because of their strict rules and forceful nature with handling students when it comes to basic classroom classes. This is the reason why there are specialists saying that it is the main reason why the creativity and healthy development of the brain of students are deteriorated.

But with the current Minister of Education under the new administration, these criticisms will be handled and will try to make everything acceptable to students’ abilities. Though there are many criticisms in the education system of the country, it is still impressive that the country holds most of the educated populace in the world. This is due to the fact that every citizen has the opportunity to be introduced to basic learning skills and efficiencies.