The Right to Bear Arms Pros and Cons


Right to Bear Arms is the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. This article became a law collectively with the nine amendments that composes the Bill of Rights. This commandment states that “well governed armed forces, which are vital to provide security and protection to the independent State, shall not disobey the natural right of a person to bear arms”. This proclaims the militias to completely recognize the rights of the citizens.

Pros of the Right to Bear Arms

  • This law is necessarily applicable for personal protection. People are permitted to own firearms for self protection and defense whenever they are offensively and physically attacked by fellowmen.
  • The right to bear arms law does not corrupt protection power of citizens to save their selves and live a harmless life.
  • This law enforces a requirement of firearm license is only pursued after an examiner undergoes a background check-specifically scrutinizing the presence of a possible history of committed criminal cases.
  • This law excludes citizens that have histories of criminal acts against someone or the community.
  • In certain countries, their government had set up a “notification of the spousal” being a tax free information in which a partner is permitted to convey his or her concern with a security officer regarding his or her partner’s ownership of firearms.
  • This law does not carelessly provide the right of a person to possess firearm equipment. Before purchasing one, the person has to go under a number of safety courses to verify the ability to harmlessly own a gun.
  • The public carrying of gun is permitted if and only if the gun itself is concealed and is associated with convincing concealed gun permit obtained by the owner.

This law became a controversial section under the Bill of Rights concerning enforcing or undoing an act of restricting the people from keeping firearms possessions or complete banning from owning one. The function of the Second Amendment to guarantee the people with their right to bear arms was limited. There are a number of Federal Laws that prohibits the ownership of guns and other firearms. The concern and matter about this law under the Bill of Rights greatly contradicts several Federal Laws which in this case is a continuous controversial issue.

Cons of the Right to Bear Arms

  • Purchasing concealed gun permit to validate the ownership of a gun can be very costly. The said permits are not free and vary in cost in different states.
  • Most importantly, the power of controlling the way an owner utilizes his or her own firearm exceeds the range of concern of this law. An individual committed with emotional and physical stress tends to be more vulnerable to extreme anger and self unconsciousness. This case, perhaps, strongly leads to homicide.

How Do You Feel About the Right to Bear Arms?

Obtaining ownership of firearm through legal and scrutinized processes conveys a personal thought of both protecting and defending oneself and keeping yourself unharmed from offensive attacks. Self protection is the smallest unit of national protection. Although a person is enjoying this right, an abusive utilization of this law is possible to break other laws. Therefore, a measure of self control and a sense of responsibly obeying underlying rules that makes up this law must always be exercised.