Three Gorges Dam Pros and Cons


China is a very large and it needs a consistent supply of energy that can handle their needs. This is why the Three Gorges Dam was built. It was then surrounded by intrigue and controversy. Many people turn against the construction of such enormous and ambitious project that men ever attempted because of social and environmental consequences. The question of many is that, does the gigantic hydroelectric dam and its possible generated energy will worth the cost of social and environmental consequences?

The Pros of Three Gorges Dam

  • China is a Geographically Huge Nation – This nation is the title holder of the world’s largest population, these two facts alone summarizes their need for sufficient energy that can support their busy economy, flourishing industry and their ever growing society. However, the challenge is how to generate power from a more environmentally-friendly source. Does the dam meet this requirement? What are the positive aspects that come with this dam?
  • 18 nuclear power plants – This dam can produce a massive amount of energy amounting to 18.2 GW of electric power. This amount of power can keep China from using sources that relies on fossil fuels which can technically harm the environment.
  • Sustainable Source – They have just created a stable source of great power that even if the supply of fossil fuels ran out, they still have a reliable option for electricity source.
  • Renewable Energy – The dam could take advantage of the environment. The energy being produced by this gigantic hydroelectric power plant was derived from a renewable source.
  • Flood Control – The system can manage and control the flow of the water. Thus, making it an alternative and multipurpose structure which can generate an enormous amount of power and can control natural disaster at the same time.
  • Eco Friendly – Since the dam is using a natural element to produce energy, it will not emit carbon dioxide and monoxide to the atmosphere.
  • Income Generating Project – This ambitious project can bring income to the locals and to the nation as a whole. As it boosts the number of visitors more than before. Giving China’s economy additional break.
  • Wider Network – Since the river was widened, it became more navigable than ever. Today, ships and larger boats can now pass through to the delta which resulted to a more complex but beneficial transport network for goods and people.

The Cons of Three Gorges Dam

  • Relocation of Locals – Many locals have been relocated or displaced because of the construction of this dam, which seemingly implies that they are not totally benefited by this project. Approximately 1.3 million of them and more than a hundred of towns vanished. That seems to be true because how can they really gain revenue if they were not even compensated fair for their transfer?
  • Negative Environmental Impact – According some, the environmental benefits stated was just a cover-up for more serious environmental impact such as the death of river life, erosion, submerging thousands of acres of land from nearby area. It also threatened the lives of countless species of animals including Yangtze dolphins.
  • Inefficient Energy Allotment – The energy produced by this dam may not be used well because China has a very unproductive approach when it comes to power production. Plus, the design of the power allotment for this dam is intended for urban population, which in turn deprives the rural population.
  • Perished Vital Archeological Sites – The construction of this dam destroyed approximately thousands of archeological sites forever.

How Do You Feel About Three Gorges Dam?

Apparently, there are pros and cons associated with this damn, is there something that one can do about this? The debate is still hot, how about you? What’s your stand about this?