Three Strikes Law Pros and Cons


There is a law that aims to convict career offenders. It is well known all across the country as the three strikes law. Under this law, A person convicted the third time of a felony same as the nature of the previous felonies will receive a much harsher verdict or punishment. The aim of this law is to control the career offenders – to cut them down. They think that this law is an advantage to prevent and control the crime rate in California.

This rule knocked the door of the entire nation in 90’s and the focus – California. This rule is very effective in putting a serious crime offender behind the bar. Examples of such are murderers, robbers, rapists and more. California has mandated that if the offender commits the felony for the third strike, the sentence is 25 years to life. After the perceptible result, 23 states in the country adopted this controversial law and even the federal government made a version of their own in connection with this law. Associated with this rule are some pros and cons. What are those, well… find out here.

The Pros of Three Strikes Law

  • Harsh Punishment for Habitual Offenders – Career offenders that received a lighter verdict and reoffended the same nature of crime are now serving their punishment of lifetime imprisonment behind the bars of the cell.
  • Lesser Crime Rate – The crime rate in a particular state reduced upon adopting this law.
  • Preventive Measure for Career Felon – This is a big threat to habitual offenders giving them no other option but to have a new life.
  • Additional Peace of Mind for Citizens – People in a particular place which has this kind of law have a bit of a relief for their worries are a little bit lightened though.
  • Effective Crime Control – The authorities, the police officers can have a more focus on their duties as they will now deal with a lesser number of law offenders.

The Cons of Three Strikes Law

  • Additional Cost to Prison and Courts – Three strike law increased the operational cost of courts and prisons by up to 50%.
  • Over Population in Cells – it brings additional population to prison cells.
  • Decline in Number of Law Enforcer – because of the cost being compensated to offenders, the state will cut gross resulting to fewer law enforcement officer recruit.
  • Unfair Law – light crimes committed by an individual like shoplifting, writing bad checks and some of this kind are not exempted on this law. They too can spend the rest of their lives if they commit the same crime three times.

How Do You Feel About Three Strikes Law?

The opinions of many about this very intriguing issue are totally divided. There are people who are in favor of this and there are also who are not. This law became a subject for countless debates and disputes for almost a decade now. How about you? What can you say about this very important topic?