Title IX Pros and Cons


The title IX aims to promote gender equality. It’s a federal rule that was passed in June, 1972. It discourages gender discrimination in educational activities and programs in various educational institutions that receives a particular federal allocation. This is one of the most controversial issues concerning gender. This maintained the balance among male and female students in terms of their capabilities.

This law stated that no individual in US shall be deprived of participation in any programs or activities in an educational institution that is receiving fund from the federal body based on gender. The activities and programs under this law are, drama, athletics, band and other form of extracurricular activities. Gender discrimination offenses such as counseling, sexual harassment, discrimination against pregnant and married students are also covered by title IX.

The Pros of Title IX

  • This law is a big help for a lot of male and female American students by providing them equal balance in terms of budget allotment for several clubs, activities, programs and scholarship in their schools. Before, there are classes that are not allowed to be offered to boys and vice versa.
  • The college athletic scholarship has tremendously increased giving more American female students a chance to undergo college education.
  • In 2012 Olympics, more female athletes were sent by US than male. They’ve got more gold medals in different sport categories that’s why it the 2012 Olympics is tagged as title IX Olympics.
  • The boys were allowed to join several activities and sports such as cheerleading, figure skating, volleyball and more, proving that this law is not only intended for female students.

The Cons of Title IX

  • Girls who will participate with sports activities needs money for their funding, thus the budget must come from somewhere. The thing is, this money will be deducted from the budget of other male sports in high school and college such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and more. There are possibilities of misunderstanding and envy that may occur.
  • After passing this law, some jobs get affected, just like female coaching jobs. The demand became fewer because a lot of male coaches pay interest in more coaching jobs. The pay for coaching increases tremendously.
  • The distribution of budget allocation is not fair. In colleges, the allocation for athletics for female is only 40% even though the percentage of the student population is 53% composed of female students.
  • The cases of premarital sex escalated, since there are a lot of activities where boys and girls can participate both, the chances of hanging-out, and having parties have increased as well. Resulting to exploitation of sexuality.

How Do You Feel about Title IX?

The argument is still on; there are people who find this law good overall and there are people who think the other way around. How about you? What can you say about this particular issue? Do you find it helpful for the general public or not? How do you feel about this? After all, everything will still depend on you.