Women in Combat Pros and Cons


In the not so long ago past, the majority of fields have been dominated by men. As gender equality is slowly but surely coming to light, more and more women are stepping into these male dominated fields, including the military. In today’s world we have an impressive number of leaders who are female, but what consequences are involved with putting women into active combat situations?


Combat is a very dangerous and high risk place for anyone to be, particularly women. There are many issues that rise when talk about this topic, but plenty of benefits as well.



Pros of Women in Combat

  • Ability Over Gender – Many years now, men tend to overlook the abilities that women have. In the military, male soldiers can always say that there are female soldiers who were able to fight the same way as how male soldiers would. This easily earns the respect of many male soldiers for their counterpart.
  • Front Line Risks – This has increased the necessity of women within the combat range making their roles in the combat recognized.
  • Same Dream as Male Soldiers – Women who want to fight for their country are increasing and this only proves that they are living the same dream as most male soldiers.



Cons of Women in Combat

  • Military Readiness is Doubted – Since women in combat may undergo pregnancy, a combat may encounter problems with being understaffed because the deployability of those pregnant women is doubted.
  • Enemy Abuse – Women included in the prisoners of war are reported to have a great risk for enemy abuse physically and sexually. Though there are also men who undergo torture, enemies tend to be harsher with women.


Should Women Be Sent for Combat?

Considering all of the women in combat pros and cons mentioned, you can be one of those people who can think whether sending women in combat is good or not. But considering the fact that there are many women who are strong both physically and emotionally, there is a great chance that they can surpass challenges in the combat field. Through complete training and knowledge about the life of a combat officer, women sure have the potential in being in line with their co-soldiers in the opposite sex and never let their gender be the reason for them to be underestimated.