2nd Amendment Pros and Cons


The 2nd amendment is a part of the Bills of Rights integrated to the Constitution of the United States in 1791. It encompasses the privilege to bear weapons. This particular matter brings certain benefits but it is also connected to some issues that you have to learn.



The Pros of 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment can benefit you in different ways. Such benefits are as follows:

• You are less prone to crimes. There is a significant decreased possibility in which people with negative intentions will attack someone else who has any kind of weapon to use in defending his or her self.

• Helps in preventing the number of crimes to increase. Armed citizens are found to be very helpful in reducing crime incidences. This is because according to John Lott, PhD, gun laws assisted reduce homicides by approximately 8.5%, rape by 5%, and aggravated assaults by 7% as well as robberies by 3%.

• People get the same right & advantage. As criminals have firearms, the citizens must have equal benefit and right in securing themselves from people with negative intentions.

• They become law-abiding citizens. It is said that people who own and hold concealed firearms can be recognized as law-abiding citizens.



Cons of 2nd Amendment

On the other hand, 2nd amendment is also associated with some issues which make it bad. These problems include the following:

• People with firearms are at risk of being shot. Based from the study conducted by Charles Branas PhD, he said that those persons who are carrying a weapon for defending themselves are 4.5 times more at risk to be shot in an assault compared to those crime victims who don’t have a gun. It means that a gun might not be the most efficient and reliable type of self-protection. It is also believed that most people with weapons are not trained adequately to use them.

• The use of firearms can lead to an increase in the number of crimes. In contrast with the claim that 2nd amendment can help in reducing the frequency of crimes, there’s a study which shows that using concealed weapons will only make the number of violence and crimes to increase.

• Armed people make other persons very anxious. There were certain reports wherein the frightened citizens told the police regarding the suspicious citizens who look armed with handguns.

• It is hard to identify criminals from armed citizens. It is said that policemen experience difficulties in identifying the criminals and distinguish them from those normal and responsible citizens with legal firearms.

• Armed citizens will encourage the criminals to carry firearms too. The criminals will bring weapons to threaten armed people which will discourage them from defying the criminals.

• Guns can be harmful and may turn lethal. This is true especially when adults are intoxicated or under the influence of prohibited drugs. In fact, even the responsible individuals can commit mistakes from using a handgun when intoxicated.

How Do You Feel About 2nd Amendment?

As you can see, the 2nd amendment can trigger certain negative effects on the lives of the armed citizens and even to the society. Do you think that 2nd amendment will be really helpful in preventing crimes? What do you think about it?