4 Interesting Facts About Diego Rivera

4 Interesting Facts About Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera was a 19th century Mexican painter and is work still makes him one of that nation’s greatest artistic minds. Rivera’s family had some money, so he was able to choose his career and he chose art. Specializing in murals, it is believed that some of his work is inspired by the fact that he lost his twin brother at the age of two.

1. Talent of Immense Size

What makes Diego Rivera so unique is that he was incredibly gifted at multiple styles of art. From the age of 10 he studied within high level arts programs in Mexico. In 1902, however, he was expelled from school for being a leader of a student protest. The Governor of Veracruz at the time heard about this and of his talent and funded him to study in Europe. There he met Pablo Picasso and the influence of that relationship can be seen in many pieces.

2. For Everyone

Rivera believed that art was meant to be enjoyed by everyone instead of just a privileged few. That’s why he would paint numerous murals throughout Mexico, paying homage to the working class and their hard work. Between his paintings and his murals, the total portfolio of his work often has him considered one of the top 3 artists in Mexico’s history.

3. A New Style

One of the unique contributions to the art world that Rivera was able to make is the new style called Mexicanidad. By placing three dimensional objects into a two-dimension viewpoint, he and two other artists at the time presented a unique view of the world that continues to live on today.

4. A Difficult Marriage

Rivera was married to four different women over the course of his life, but the most turbulent marriage was easily to Frida Kahlo. They were married in 1927 and both had multiple affairs while still married to each other. Frida had affairs with men and women, while Rivera had an affair with his sister-in-law. They were divorced in 1939, married again in 1940, and would stay married until Frida’s death in 1954.

Diego Rivera was one of the greatest artistic minds that has ever come out of Mexico. His work continues to have an impact on society today. One thing is for certain: he will long be remembered.