5 Interesting Facts About Gabby Douglas

5 Interesting Facts About Gabby Douglas

Until the 2012 Olympics, Gabby Douglas wasn’t a name that most people would recognize. After she won the all-around gold medal event in gymnastics, becoming the fourth American woman to do so, everything changed. Now she serves as a role model for all girls who want to pursue gymnastics or their own dreams because she has been able to accomplish so much. Here are some interesting facts about this Olympic champion you may not have known.

1. She Loves to Sing

Although you won’t find Gabby Douglas just randomly breaking into a song in the middle of a gymnastics meet, you will see her singing when she’s got a few minutes by herself. Gabby says that one of her favorite places to sing is in the shower. Because showers are naturally kind of loud, she’ll sing as loud as she can.

2. Her Faith Is Important

There are many things that Gabby loves to do. She’ll eagerly try new foods when she’s in a new place, as long as it doesn’t involve liver, that is. She will dance whenever she gets the chance to dance and it doesn’t matter if there are people around to watch her. Most importantly, however, Gabby finds that her faith is one of the most important loves of her life. She makes time to say her prayers every day.

3. She’d Be an Actress

There’s no doubt that Gabby Douglas loves gymnastics. There must be a passion present in some form in order to put in all of the work that is necessary to become an all-around gymnastics Olympic gold medalist. If she could choose her career, however, Gabby says that she would be an actress. If gymnastics no longer became possible, then she says that she’d find an event in track and field to do so that she could continue to compete.

4. School Is Overrated

Because of her extensive gymnastics schedule, Gabby Douglas doesn’t attend public school. Her family helps to homeschool her and there three siblings and she is just fine with that. It gives her time to pursue some other interests that she has grown to love, including knitting and playing the piano. If there’s a Lakers game on, however, all bets are off. She’s a huge Lakers fan and will watch a game whenever she can.

5. Chocolate Is the Best

Gabby Douglas loves plenty of different foods, but her favorite has to be chocolate. She says that she eats all kinds of chocolate just because it tastes so good. The only time when chocolate isn’t a menu option for Gabby is when she’s getting ready for a gymnastics meet. Then she’ll eat salmon so that she has the energy to succeed.

Gabby Douglas has become an inspiration for millions of young girls in the United States and around the world because of her success. These interesting facts about her just go to show how creative a person she truly is.