5 Interesting Facts About George Washington Carver

5 Interesting Facts About George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a man who loved to study the natural components of the world. He was born on a small farm to parents who were slaves and was even stolen one night. The family who had owned his mother as a slave raised young George as their own child and he took their name. He loved to read, especially about plans and animals. Here are some more interesting facts about this famous scientist.

1. It’s All About Rotation

Carver noticed that the strength of the cotton crop wasn’t as good in current years as it had been in past years. In looking at the issue, he discovered that cotton would drain the soil out of the natural resources that were needed to support the crop. By rotating the crops that were grown in a field every year, the soil would stay enriched and cotton crops would actually be better even though they were grown every other year instead.

2. Just Call Him Mr. Peanut

Southern farmers had a problem with an insect that was called the boll weevil. This little critter would eat their cotton and could destroy an entire field in just days. As Carver was researching alternative crops, he noticed that the weevil really didn’t like the taste of the peanut. Farmers weren’t sure that peanuts would be a valuable enough crop, so Carver went to his laboratory and discovered hundreds of different products that could be created from peanuts so that the farmers would have the profits they would need. Many people believe that he invented peanut butter, but this isn’t true.

3. Just Call Him Professor Carver

Carver was a very educated man, especially considering the color of his skin and the time that he was born. After receiving his master’s degree in science and becoming the first African-American student at Iowa State to earn a degree, he would become the first African-American professor at the college as well. He was well known across the country as being an expert in botany.

4. He Didn’t Believe in Profits

Carver had a strong faith in God. This caused him to believe that the ideas that he was able to come up with were actually gifts from God. Because of this, his philosophy was that anything he was able to create should become a free gift to others who were in need. Although Carver invented many things and developed many different process, almost none of his work was patented.

5. Carver Created Washington

When Carver was growing up, he was actually known as Carver’s George. This was because of his slave background. In school, George decided to reverse this so that he can become George Carver. He’s the one who added a W to his name and would tell people that the W stood for Washington.

George Washington Carver’s work brought about a profitable agricultural industry in the southern United States. Much of his work is still considered invaluable today.