5 Interesting Facts About Parrots

5 Interesting Facts About Parrots

Parrots are one of the most interesting tropical birds that are on the planet today. Many people have a parrot that they own for a pet. They come in a remarkable variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors and can live a remarkably long time. Some parrots have even been known to live upwards of 80 years. With more than 300 different species, there are a lot of interesting facts about this colorful bird to learn about.

1. Smarter Than a Feather

There are a number of parrots that are extremely smart. They are so smart, in fact, that they are able to replicate human words from time to time. This is actually how the breed got its name. They’re able to “parrot” back what others are saying to them. Many parrots are also known for their unique melodies that they’ll sing throughout the year. It is these traits that led famous leaders like Winston Churchill to own a parrot as a pet or companion.

2. That’s Some Tasty Meat

Most people see parrots as eating some bird seed, maybe a piece of fruit, and enjoying the good life. These birds, however, are actually omnivores. When they’re living in the wild, they’ll certainly eat their fair share of nuts, seeds, and fruit. Some parrots will also hunt down some tasty insects when they are feeling hungry. With all those mosquitoes that fly about, there’s never a good hungry parrot when you need one though.

3. Where’s the Last Little Piggy?

Parrots are classified as “zygodactyls.” This fancy word just describes the fact that parrots have been equipped with a foot that has four toes. Two of their toes point forward and the other two project backward. This design, along with their crazy sharp claws, allows them to climb up trees and perch on branches while they repeat those bad words you said when you stubbed your little 5th toe on the vacuum cleaner.

4. Who Needs a Nest?

Many birds are associated with nest building, but not your average parrot. Although there are a few parrot species who do build a nest, most of them are just going to find the most convenience abandoned place and start squatting there. This means a hole in a tree is just as good as a rock cavity on the side of a hill. Parrots have even been found living in tunnels that other animals have burrowed into the ground. Even termite mounds have become a home for parrots.

5. Their Population Is Dwindling

Parrots have become an extremely popular pet, which means the black market trade for parrots has picked up and greatly impacted their numbers in the wild.

If you’re thinking about a parrot for a pet, then be sure to speak with local shelters and sanctuaries before visiting a pet store or answering an advertisement. That way you’ll be able to have an amazing companion without supporting illegal trappers.