7 Pros and Cons of eBooks

7 Pros and Cons of eBooks

The invention of eBooks allows for anyone with a compatible device to read a book without having a tangible copy of it. Each book is downloaded as a file, which can then be read at one’s leisure. Here are some of the pros and cons of this technology to consider.

List of the Pros of eBooks

1. You can carry multiple books on one device.
With ebook files, you can download multiple books onto one device. That is much easier than carrying multiple books with you during a vacation or for when you take a break at work.

2. The books are still formatted as a print copy.
You still read ebooks as if they were a regular book. Each page displays on the screen as if you were reading a printed page. When you’re finished, just turn the page to keep reading.

3. They are more affordable.
The average ebook is priced about 40% lower than print books. Consumers save because there are fewer labor resources and natural products as part of the product purchase. It doesn’t take paper to read an ebook, after all.

4. Anyone can publish.
Thanks to programs like Kindle Direct Publishing, almost anyone can become an author today if they wish.

List of the Cons of eBooks

1. You must have a compatible device.
Although the saturation rate for tablets, smartphones, and home computers is quite high, it is not at 100%. The only way to read an ebook is to have a device which displays it and not everyone has that access.

2. It provides you with longer screen time.
You’re staring at a screen to read instead of reading on a page. The blue light that some displays emit can have a stimulating effect on the brain, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

3. You have limited provider options.
In most instances, you cannot go to your favorite bookstore to order an ebook. You must work with a distribution provider, such as Amazon, to access the book.

These ebooks pros and cons show us that, in time, it will be much easier to access books we want to read. Many have this capability already. That means we all can read the books we want to read at any time.