7 Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

7 Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming more common on highways all over the world. They drive like any other vehicle. The only difference is their fuel source. Instead of operating on gasoline, these vehicles operate with a series of batteries that can be recharged regularly.

Here are the pros and cons of electric cars to think about.

List of the Pros of Electric Cars

1. They offer consistent acceleration.
Electric cars offer a driving experience that is smooth and dependable. At the same time, they offer an acceleration rate that is comparable to any other vehicle on the market today.

2. They are usually cheaper to maintain.
Compared to the cost of fuel, using electricity to create a battery charge within an electric car is usually cheaper for the consumer. On a cost-per-mile basis, an electric vehicle can be as little as 25% of the cost of a traditional vehicle with a combustion engine.

3. They have zero emissions.
You don’t need to worry about emissions from electric vehicles. Although building these vehicles and producing electricity for them carries an emissions cost, the actual running of the vehicle is emissions-free.

4. They are fairly affordable.
Most electric vehicles are priced around $40,000, if not less. Competitive lease rates are offered in the $200 per month range for consumers with good credit.

List of the Cons of Electric Cars

1. They only drive so far.
The range for electric vehicles is increasing. Compared to combustion or hybrid vehicles, however, it is still low in comparison. You can travel between 200-400 miles with current electric vehicles, then spend several hours waiting for it to recharge.

2. They do not offer fueling access.
Although the number of recharging stations is increasing throughout the United States, not every vehicle owner may have access to one. Even those who do will find that they can obtain about 50 miles of range for their vehicle with about a 30-minute recharge.

3. They offer few choices to the consumer.
The field of electric vehicles is continuing to expand. The number of makes and models available now, however, is nowhere near the number of choices which consumers have for other vehicles.

These electric cars pros and cons show us that this technology can be beneficial. There are still some challenges to meet. With innovation, these challenges could be met in the coming years.