Advantages and Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuels are the remains of animals and plants that lived during the prehistoric era, which lessened the simple hydrocarbon chains. Actually, this hydrocarbon can come in liquid or solid form. The fuel contains a high combustion rate and it is often released in a fantastic quantity of energy. When you assess the energy and fuel demands in today’s world, fossil fuel easily meets it. The demand of the world for fossil fuels has doubled after only 20 years but, the amount that we have left is dwindling quickly.

The Advantages Of Fossil Fuels

Reliable Energy
Fossil fuels provide an extremely reliable and efficient for of energy, especially when compared to the reliability of other sources of energy such as wind or solar. Fossil fuels are also the cheapest form of energy that we have discovered.

Helps Economy
The production and sales of fossil fuels is a mega business in the world. The profit that is made greatly impacts and stimulates a country’s economy. The oil industry also provides an immense amount of jobs to all kinds of people.

Technology Exists
The majority of engines and many other things that require energy to function have been designed specifically for the use of fossil fuels. This makes it the most convenient way of fueling the world.

The Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels

Non Renewable Resource
The larges problem with the dependency on fossil fuels in today’s world is the fact that it is a non renewable resource. What this means is that there is only a limited amount of it available on the earth, and once this has been depleted there is no more. This could lead to an energy crisis in the future.

When fossil fuels are burnt, they release carbon dioxide, or green house gases, into the atmosphere. This is a major contributor to the global warming problem that we are facing in the world today.

High Cost
Fossil fuels are produced all over the world, and must be exported to other countries to use. This transportation causes the prices of the oil to be very high. There is also a constant battle of which country controls the oil, causing controversy.

Risky Business
The entire process of extracting, producing, and transporting fossil fuels is dangerous. There are risks of explosions, spills, and deaths, all of which happen too often in the oil industry.


The use of fossil fuels in today’s society is absolutely necessary, but measures should be taken in order to ensure that we do not face a very large problem in the near future. Alternative sources of energy should be enthusiastically explored and the technology to utilize these new forms of energy should be developed. We are already well on the way with advances in solar, wind, and water energy being improved upon each and every day.