Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy


Nuclear energy is a kind of energy that holds the nuclei of atoms; it can be release through fusion, fission or radioactive decay.



Advantages of Nuclear Energy

  • It has the lowest impact to the environment, because it does not emit harmful gases there are no negative effects that can cause damage to water, land, habitat, other species and air resources.
  • It does produce gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide that is why there are no threats that can cause to the earth’s atmosphere.
  • It is proven safe because it does it is a free-emission energy source that does not burn to produce electricity.
  • It does not produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that is why it cannot cause global warming.
  • Nuclear power plant discharge water that does not contain harmful pollutants and has standard temperature that can protect aquatic life.
  • The areas around the nuclear power plant and the cooling ponds are clean that is why because of that they are able to promote conservation of different forms of animals.
  • They provide nesting areas for some birds and some fishes.
  • They provide preservation of land and habitat.
  • They produce a large amount of electricity in just a small place.
  • It is more powerful and is very efficient unlike those some of other alternative energy resources.
  • They are able to produce power even 24/7 and can only be shut down if there are maintenance that are needed.
  • Because it requires only a little amount of uranium in producing energy, it will just need a small amount of fuel and that it does need to be more expensive.


These are just some of the useful things that nuclear energy can cause, but aside from these advantages is the fact that there are still some consequences that it can cause, and here are some of it.



Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

  • There should be a proper disposing of nuclear waste so that it cannot harm or pollute the environment, and because of this disposing will become very expensive because it should be done in proper way and there is need to use expensive equipment.
  • Nuclear energy can spread radiation that can cause harm to humans, radiation can cause illnesses and sometimes can also cause death, that is why it is very dangerous and there is an extra care that is needed.
  • Building nuclear stations is somehow expensive and sometimes it might take a long time.
  • There are some risks that can happen if there will be some accidents and or terrorist attacks at the nuclear power plant.
  • There might be some accidents that can happen such as small radiation leaks that can cause very devastating effects to human.
  • Some of the person that works and live near the power plants can have the greater risk of facing nuclear radiations.


Nuclear radiation is helpful but at the same time dangerous, that is why in order to avoid such accidents it is important to be careful and have extra care with the use of nuclear energy.


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