Chilean Sea Bass Controversy


Patagonian tooth fish that is also known under the trade name Chilean sea bass is considered as one of the forbidden food that gains a lot of controversy. This kind of fish is commonly found in waters with a depth of 45 m and 3,850 m such as pacific, Indian and Southern Atlantic Ocean. This kind of fish species can live for p to fifty tears and can reach a few meters of length. The trade name was invented by Lee Lantz which is one of the fish wholesalers before.

About the Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass is one of the most served dishes in some of the restaurants because of its delicious taste. Among any types of fish, it is the tastiest of all that is why it became the most favourite of all. This kind of fish has even texture and rich flavour that capture the taste of the customers. But after the Chilean sea bass has become well known the National Environmental trust and other environmental group concerned has declare a ban on it because of the reason that they have identified that the species of this fish is decreasing in number.

Because of the slow growing of Chilean sea bass species that it made some of the environmental groups decide to ban it from the restaurants and markets. They create a anti tooth fish campaign to be removed Chilean sea bass from the menu and to avoid illegal fishing that will cause on the downfall of the number of its species. This kind of fish became one of the most top favourite foods by many but because of overfishing serving this kind of food has stopped. Some people did not agree with the decision of the government, some may not fully understand their decision but there are still some who gave their support.

Repercussions Of The Ban

The banning of Chilean sea bass becomes one of the biggest issues that gains opinions from the people. Whether some people agree or not, the decision of the environmental groups will still remain at ease, they are just protecting the species of fish like Patagonian tooth fish that is why they have come up with such choice. As the agency of Environmental protection they are responsible in protecting organisms and other species that are now decreasing in number. They are just doing the right way to maintain the beauty and richness of species of organisms that can protect the surrounding.

With the Chilean banning it helps in the total growth support of tooth fish species. Everything that can be seen in this world should be taken care of because each of them has the purpose in the environment. Whether in land, air or sea, you should always take in consideration on how will you able to help in bringing back the beauty of nature. With the Chilean sea bass controversy people had learn that it is important to sustain everything that is available in this world because when they already gone you cannot seize it back again.

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