China Education Statistics

China Education Statistics

In the People’s Republic of China, the educational system is separated into 3 classifications: basic, higher and adult learning. The China Compulsory Education Law of specifying that every child has 9 years of formal learning.

China Basic Education

China basic education takes account of pre-school learning, primary education as well as regular secondary learning. Kindergarten or Preschool, could last up to 3 years, with kids enrolling as an early age of 3, until the age of six once they usually enroll elementary school. The China academic year is separated into 2 semesters.

China Secondary Education

The secondary education is separated into specialized, vacation and technical secondary learning and academic secondary. The academic secondary learning is offered through academic upper and lower middle schools. On the other hand, graduates of lower middle school wants to go on or enhance their learning undergo a locally supervised entrance examination, on the ground of which students will need the choice either pursuing in academic upper middle campus or of enrolling a vocation school.

This school provides programs that range from 2 to 4 years and educate medium level professional employees, managers, technical personnel as well as farmers. Normally, technical schools provide curses to educate intermediate technical employee. “School for Professional Workers” normally trains to middle school graduates for jobs needing operation and production skills. The time needed to complete the training is normally three years.

China Higher Education

Higher education on the other hand, at the undergrad stage takes account of 3 to 4 years junior colleges, most times also known as short cycle, four year schools and colleges or universities providing courses in both vocational and academic subjects. A lot of universities and colleges also provide graduate courses leading to the Ph. D. and master’s degree.

Higher education in the People’s Republic of China is the undergrad level is separated into 3 and 4 year programs. The previous is provided not just in short cycle schools, but most of the time also at 4 year universities and colleges. The later part is provided at 4 year universities and colleges on the other hand do not lead to bachelor’s degree always. Numberless higher education possibilities also fall beyond the whole classification of the adult education.

Adult Education

China adult education classification overlaps the three aforementioned classifications. The adult primary learning takes account of Peasants Primary Schools, Workers, Primary Schools as well as literacy classes.

China adult secondary learning takes account of TV/Radio expert secondary school, school for cadres, expert school for workers and staff, schools for peasants, correspondence expert secondary schools and in service teacher schools. Higher education for adult includes TV and radio universities, workers, colleges, cadre institutes, correspondence colleges, peasant colleges.

According to the recent China education statistics, there is an improvement in the number of students in elementary, higher education and adult education this year. This is the reason why the Chinese government continues to hire qualified teachers, build new classrooms from different parts of China in order to provide high quality education for the kids development and to help China economy eventually.