Chuck Missler Controversy


There are many people who are intrigued about the controversial life of Chuck Missler. He is a religious man based upon his chosen actions. Missler, whose religion is Born Again, is a popular teacher in Calvary Chapel circles. Many of his works are published through books, CD’s and more.

Chuck Missler is popular due to his recent controversies that involve his works including Have Heart, Nephilim and many more. His works focus on the biblical stories and codes. Yet, Missler stressed that the original bible that Christians used are different from one another.

The Belief System of Missler

If you are among those people who have heard or actually read Chuck Missler works, then you are also one of those people who will be puzzled and intrigued about this interesting topic. There are so many versions of the Holy Bible, which makes it a vast topic to duel into. The Roman Catholic proclaimed that they are the pure and what they believe is the truth, and their God is the one and only Almighty Father.

However, there are also people who spread different versions of the Bible, which makes this topic very complicated. Furthermore, Missler is among these people who teach and proclaim that their version is true. He had worked with so many iconic and popular people in the field of religion specifically Roman Catholic.

Missler has been exposed to a lot of well known people including Steve Berger, William Welty, and Vatican Father Justo Lacunza Balda. His wide connection with these popular and iconic figures had made his works alluring and believable. But, not long before he became famous, the Chuck Missler controversy had begun to trample upon his fame.

The Controversy

The Chuck Missler controversy is more about Missler’s works and beliefs to be fraud and just a deception to fool people. During the uproar of Chuck Missler controversy, there are many cases wherein Missler’s life works have been criticized by many people. Of all the works he had, there is one that captures the interest of a lot of people – the Nephilim.

Nephilim is a book that portrays angels, human and aliens. This book that Missler had written contains a lot of deceptions that contradict the Holy Bible. With this, there are so many people who have hated Chuck Missler works, which eventually led to uncovering of his past works. Because of this Chuck Missler controversy, many people are intrigued about the truth behind all those different versions of the Holy Bible.

Today, the world is governed not only by pure government and laws but also by religion. There are so many factors that influence a human being. Among these is the nature of believing. People are capable of believing in something, whether it is the truth or not. With this nature of man, many people seize this as an opportunity.

The Chuck Missler controversy is one of the issues that provide distortion to people’s beliefs. Believing in something is always a personal matter that reflects the personality of a person. There is no limit to believing this beauty of imagination, yet, using it as a tool to step upon other people is not an excuse.