Codex Sinaiticus Controversy

Codex Sinaiticus Controversy

A lot of people are getting interested about the Codex Sinaiticus controversy, which involves the Holy Bible. When talking about the origin of the Holy Bible, it all started as ancient hand-written manuscripts. These ancient hand-written manuscripts are known as the Old and New Testaments.

The Old Testament, which is also known as the Codex Sinaiticus, is written in Hebrew. Meanwhile, the New Testament or also known as Codex Vaticantus is written in Greek. These two parts of the Holy Bible have different origins yet could be proven through scriptures to one though not the same. The Holy Bible itself has a lot of variations that compromise a lot of issues regarding the truth.

The Belief Explained

The Codex Sinaiticus, also known by many as Aleph, was found at the Monastery of St. Catherine on the famous biblical location Mount Sinai in 1859 by Count Tischenrof. The Codex Sinaiticus originally has 400 pages or leaves. On the other hand, the Codex Vaticantus was found in the holy city of Vatican in its own library. The Codex Vaticantus originally has around 759 pages or leaves. Though the origin of who brought or when did the Codex Vaticantus arrived remains a mystery.

There are a lot of theories about these two ancient hand-written scriptures that puzzled a lot of people up until now. Ancient manuscripts are supported by the Roman Catholic to be pure. Yet, there are a lot of people worldwide that are not convinced by them. When it comes to Codex Sinaiticus controversy, there are so many people who will react to this topic. Some said that because man had made these ancient hand-written scriptures it is considered by many to be questionable. When it comes to the truth, there is no certainty.


Most people say that to see is to believe, which makes this saying dependable most of the time. Yet, there are always things that are unexplainable that makes it complex. It is always up to you whether to believe it or not. But the Codex Sinaiticus controversy shows that man are capable of manipulating other people especially those that are in need of something to believe in. With this uproar, many people worldwide have begun to question their belief specifically the truth.

One of the concrete truths is that the Bible is made by man, and it is inevitable that it holds a lot of secrets. The Holy Bible generally provides good inputs in man especially for those that are in need of something to believe in and lean on to. Yet, if it is used as personal gain, it adds another inhuman story.

In history, may it be about the Bible or any other ancient scriptures, it is noted that man is known for being capable of making a sin, which makes humans unpredictable. The Codex Sinaiticus controversy shows that every beginning holds untold secrets and each secret is bound to be uncovered. It is only a matter of time that this secret will be unfolded and will give birth to the truth behind the curtains.

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