Farhat Hashmi Controversy

Farhat Hashmi Controversy

There are a lot of people in the world especially students who can relate to the Farhat Hashmi controversy. Dr. Farhat Hashmi is a teacher who lives in Pakistan and owns a lot of luxurious things such as house and lot, cars and many more. Native of Pakistan, she moved to London specifically at Green Street, Forest Gate, London E7 8JG to teach at the London al-Huda Mosque.

Controversy of Dr. Hashmi

This controversy is about a true story of a teacher who is well capable of lying, corruption, manipulation, and deception as well as authoritative. In this true story controversy not only that it is focused on Dr. Farhat Hashmi but also with the bias and unjust world today. The truth has been exposed by Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s students who have shown a lot of disturbing behaviors of their teacher.

Many said that a teacher is a role model similar to a parent. Teachers are regarded as second parents. However, every school has its own flaw regardless of its size, experience, and reputation. Similar to man, each and every person has his own set of bad behaviors and flaws. Yet, being a teacher has a lot of responsibility to fulfill.

Teachers are known to be the ones who can greatly influence people especially students. They are meant to be the role model of students. Teachers are an ideal icon for students which they are capable of molding their students. However, the Dr. Farhat Hashmi controversy shows a different story of how a good teacher is.

An ideal teacher is the one who puts his or her self before others. Ideal teacher are the ones who govern students according to positive education as well as good morals. Yet, this controversy ends up being the opposite. Students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi said and shown to the public on how unjust and corrupt Dr. Farhat Hashmi is. Students show that their teacher has no sense of responsibility and only has one goal which is for personal gain.

This true story conveys that even teachers are capable of doing a lot of bad things. Dr. Farhat Hashmi is known for her corruption by deceiving students to donate money for unexplained purpose. And also provide payments without giving receipt in return. This act is proven by audio record and statements.

The Dr. Farhat Hashmi controversy has gained a lot of attention from the public. There are so many people worldwide who had reacted to this issue. Yet, many said that it is not unusual issues for there are so many teachers or even government officials who are doing these kinds of stuff and accord it as a usual thing to do.

There are a lot of unjust and inhumane things that humans do. Yet, knowing this fact is not an excuse to do it over and over again. Being in a position to govern or lead does not mean you can step on the people you are leading. Leaders such as teachers should always be a good role model unlike Dr. Farhat Hashmi.

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