Cj Mahaney Controversy

Cj Mahaney Controversy

Charles Joseph Mahaney is known before as the president of the Sovereign Grace Ministries, a network which has a purpose of building and supporting local churches. Aside from it CJ was also known as the leader and pastor of the Covenant Life Church. He is known as a person with great helping heart that uses his power to serve God. When Mahaney is teaching in Take and Give on 1970’s he met Carolyn Layman he fell in love with this girl and soon they got married. He build a strong and happy family, they had one son and three loving daughters.

How It Began

Even though Macaney has already his own family he never stops in serving the Church. He became the president of the Sovereign Grace Ministries, senior pastor in Gaithersburg Maryland and he also built a church on the East side of Louisville, Kentucky. Mahaney was become a servant in church throughout the years but there is one controversy that change everything that he has. On June 2011 he took a voluntary leave of absence after he was charged by a former Sovereign Grace Pastor. He did a great sin that made him subject for a self examination. He and some of the ministry leaders were hit by lawsuit due to child sexual abuse.

Because of the controversy that has risen two of the largest churches separate in the GSM network, for the reason that they have lost their trust to the network after the said controversy. But after the said controversy the Sovereign Grace Board still gave their full support and vote of confidence to Mahaney. After the extensive review by the Ambassadors of Reconciliation of the case that is file against him Mahaney still continue in serving the Sovereign Grace Ministries. On April 2013 Mahaney resigned as the president of Sovereign Grace Ministries because of the lawsuit that involves alleged sexual abuse, he was named as the defendant and claimed that he really had sexual abuse of children.


With the controversy that was accused to Mahaney he has received public comments and associations that has ruin his name and the church. Even though he is asked many times, he never accepted the speculations about him that he had abused children. According to him, his trust still remains in the Lord, he also show his grieved for those children who had suffered from abused. This message by him did not make people believe in him, there are some who are saying that he was just denying after all because it was the advice of his lawyer.

Mahaney’s controversy ruins everything in him not just the trust of people on him but on the Sovereign Grace Ministries as well. Some may believe but some are not, because of the issue that become bigger and scattered the controversy become wider. Some have heard through blogs while some through word of mouth, but with this entire people have no right to judge because it is only Mahaney that can clear all the speculation about him if he will just have the courage to say the truth.

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