Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash

Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash

Eric Bischoff is one of the best known professional wrestling promoter and personality; he was also the General Manager of the Raw but was removed into his place when Vince Mcmahon tossed him into a garbage truck. He is one of the most hated men in wrestling that is why to clear all the allegations and controversy he had created a book entitled Controversy Creates Cash. The title itself makes it very controversial but to clear all it actually shows the records of the urban legends that have surrounded Bischoff and WCW. This book is really appropriate for all the wrestling fan as it will clear all the things that made Bischoff hated by many.

The Book

The book Controversy creates cash was written by Bischoff and Jeremy Roberts, it consists of 40 pages and it also has color photos in the middle page. This book by Bischoff was especially design and created to clear almost all the wrong things that you have heard and read about him. His book was very interesting because it shows and tells everything about him. On the first part of the book you can see all the personal information about Bischoff, his early life and careers when he was not yet engaged in wrestling. Because of his experiences on the outside of the business he had many ideas that helped him win the job of WCW as the executive producer. He had implant new strategies and ideas that made WCW do something that they have never done before. Actually the book shows all the details not just of his life but on the decisions that he made on how Monday Night War came to be.

There are many who get amazed, but there are still who are not yet convinced by the Controversy Creates Cash of Bischoff.

Pros about Controversy create cash:

It greatly help Bischoff clear all the incorrect things that people have known about him.

It not just looks on the life perspective but also shows how the wrestling organization is running.

Through it you can look back on the things that happened at the Monday Night War.

Cons about Controversy create Cash:

Bischoff only included all the good and right things that is happening in WCW, but he just include only a little of what was wrong.

Some say that Bischoff’s book is worth buying to clear all the negative thoughts about the WCW. Controversy creates cash is a great idea because through it people will gain the right insights that are actually sometimes being disregarded because it was being covered with wrong statements. For those who have only less knowledge about the controversy it is important to read first this book before giving your own opinion. Through this you will know the other side of Bischoff and how he was able to create great ideas that help him build a strong foundation in WCW. Eric Bischoff’s Controversy creates cash is a must read books that will change all your opinions about this man.

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