Dr. Laura Schlessinger Controversy

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Controversy

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was born in January, 1947. She is a blunt-spoken, a radio talk program host who decided to end her program because of a racial epithet controversy being alleged to her. She is also a social commentator and author. Her programs on radio are all about giving advice to caller’s request when it comes to personal issues and troubles. She is also featured in some monologues on political and social topics which made her really popular in some of the different states in US. According to her website, her radio program is all about teaches, preaches and nags when it comes to values, ethics and morals.

The Career of Dr. Schlessinger

Before, Dr. Laura Schlessinger combined her career as a radio commentator and as a private family and marriage counselor. But after her break nationally, she then decided to concentrate in the field of radio program hosting on the daily air time of Dr. Laura Program. While doing the job as a media woman, she also made some publications and authored some self help books. Some of her bestselling books are The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and Ten Stupid Thing Women Do to Mess up Their Lives.

In 2000, she had a television talk show but didn’t make it long. In august 2010, she declared that she will already end up her career as a radio program host at the end of that said year, though, she will not retire. That is because of the controversial allegation about her comments to a black woman named Nita Hanson, married to a white man.

The Controversy

Nita called during the program to seek some advice about her husband who is not doing anything about the racist comments of some of her neighbors. The host replied at first and said that there are really people who are “hypersensitive.” She asked for two examples of the racism received by the caller from her acquaintances. Nita replied, according to her, she was being questioned if how they (as black people) do this things and that. Dr. Laura replied that the example was not racism at all. And that “tons of black people voted for Obama not because of what he can do in the office but because he is a half black. And that’s a black thing.” She also mentioned some frank words, in fact she even mentioned the word “nigger” 11 times during the call. Hanson asked her if is it ok to use that word, and the host responded that it depends on how it is said. She said that, if a black guy is telling the N-word, it’s ok but if a white ever mentioned the word it’s not.

After the call, Schlessinger followed-up a comment that if the person is hypersensitive about their color, do not marry someone out of her race and immediately go off air. That same evening, she wrote a letter of apology to LA radio people online journalist, Don Barrett. The following they, the first thing when she gone on air was to apologize. Hanson was not satisfied with what Schlessinger did and questioned the sincerity and the motivation of the apology. According to her, it was incomplete.

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