Dixie Chick Controversy

Dixie Chick Controversy

It was several years ago since the night that the famous country band hailing from Texas, Dixie Chick, are far from controversial revelations. The Dixie chick controversy is the result of what the lead singer of the band, Natalie Maines, declared and started a massive stir in London: “Just so you know, we are on the good side with you all. We do not want this war and we are ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.”

It was just a few weeks earlier when before former U.S. President George W. Bush, her fellow Texan, launched an all out war on Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

Response to Controversy

Hatred quickly spread against the Chicks’ because of what happened. Different media types, country music lovers and political figures also declared hatred to the band. They never get too excited that right wing entertainers or media celebrities make negative opinions against their democratic president.

After what happened, boycotts immediately followed. There are orders to ban the band and their music in many radio stations in US. However, Natalie Maine declared a clarification a couple of days later and stated that she feels that the US president is ignoring the voice and opinions of many Americans and alienating the voice of many all across the globe as well. Moreover, because of this, their record sales and tickets on their concert fell.

Issuing an Apology

Maines then issued a sincere apology and said that as a concerned citizen of America, she is declaring an apology to the U.S. president because of her disrespectful remark. She said that whoever holds the office of the president should be treated with all respect. According to her, war will always remain a viable option. However, as a mother, she just wants to look at all the possible solutions before the children and the American soldiers who may lose their lives. She also said that she is a proud American citizen and she loves her country so much.

President Bush replied to their remarks and said that the Dixie Chicks, as a citizen of the US are free to say whatever thoughts they have in their mind. They can say whatever they want to say. But they should not feel hurt because some people would not buy their music as a result of what they speak out. According to the President, freedom is a two way street.

The Aftermath

Their popularity has never been the same since then. Although they went on to win a bunch of Grammy awards in the previous years but there are stations in the US that will not still play their old music.

The Dixie Chick band members are not together now, Natalie Maine became a solo performer and the siblings Emily Robinsons and Martie Maguire collaborated for a side music project. In 2013, the Dixie Chicks regrouped for their tour in some countries like Canada.

Natalie Maine is now happy with her directions and according to her; she is not regretful of what happened. She is just a concerned mother to her children and a concerned citizen to her fellow countrymen.

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