Hetch Hetchy Dam Controversy

Hetch Hetchy Dam Controversy

What is The Hetch Hetchy?

The Hetch Hetchy Dam is the name of a popular reservoir and water system in the state of California. Moreover, the stated term is typically located in Northwestern part of the National Park of Yosemite. During 19th century, the Hetch Hetchy Dam was being inhabited by the Native Americans who usually practiced the so called hunting-gathering. The said Dam is a portion of the National Park of Yosemite and this is the one that usually provides water too the greater city of San Francisco.

Controversy Surrounding The Dam

The common controversy about the dam is when they wanted the Native Americans to leave. Since the government of the United States was planning to pursue the conservation movement against one another. The Dam plays a vital role in the greater of California since most of the people within the place make use of the water from the dam. Most people are very disappointed about the decision of the government to pursue their conservation movement that will greatly affect the people who are residing within the place. Furthermore, the government of the United States found hard time and difficulty if they will preserve the Hetch Hetchy Dam or if they will give water license in using the Hetch Hetchy Dam.

In order to get rid of the main problem that they are experiencing, the government of United States decided to preserve the natural resources that are present within the Hetch Hetchy Dam. Aside from the rivers and dam at Hetch Hetchy Dam, the place has mountain temples and wild mountains that will let you feel relax and refresh. The Dam is considered as one of the water sources in the country of California and this is one of the reasons why most people within the place want to preserve all the natural resources that can be found at Hetch Hetchy Dam. Since water is one of the basic needs of most people, the Dam plays a vital role in all the residence as well as with the Native Americans who used to live at Hetch Hetchy Dam during 19th century.

Further Information

The government of the United States works hand in hand just to preserve the natural resources at Hetch Hetchy Dam. There are also seasons that the water at the Dam was drained however with the proper maintenance and with the help of the residence within the place, the Dam remains as one of the most well known Dam in the greater of United States.

Most people are very grateful that they already surpass all the controversies that they encounter in the past years and they will make sure that they will preserve and uphold the natural resources that can be found at Hetch Hetchy Dam. In order to know additional information about the Hetch Hetchy Dam, all you need to do is to browse the web and rest assured that you will find all the important details about the said controversy.

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