India Crime Statistics

India Crime Statistics

Crime rates in India are recorded and collected separately, this is the way on how authorities can determine crime rates easily. It is known that just like other countries in Asia, India is also one of those that are known for high rates of various crimes, but it was also reported that there is a significant decline in these rates based on reports.

Current Crime Rate Trends

From a report made by the NCRB or National Crime Records Bureau, the crime rates from 1953 to 2006 were compared. With the 53 years difference from 1953 to 2006, it was recognizable that the total amount crimes have increased for about 1.1%. When it comes to the local crime rate, there are significant changes in the crime rate that has risen unlike what the national crime rate has.

Type of Crimes Committed

Some of the crimes committed in the country are crimes against women and other penal crimes that have affected the rates of crime happening in different states of the country. One of the high rating crimes in India is crimes against women. This includes rape, dowry and female sex selective abortions or infanticide. It was reported that the cases of rape in the country between the years 1990 to 2008 have doubled wherein most cases, the victim is familiar or knows the culprit.

The next crime done to women is Dowry. This is the system wherein dowry demands are made during wedding arrangements. Crimes that are related to dowry are suicide, murders and other forms of violence.

Sex Selective Abortions
Another women-related crime is the infanticides or sex selective abortions. Since it is known that the masculine sex are more dominant in country than of women, many tribal groups and in other rural areas use certain tests where sex of their children can be determined. Due to these incidences, these tests and equipment used for determining the sex of infants have been banned to prevent such crimes from worsening.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence crimes are cases wherein women are beaten up by their husbands resulting to injuries. It has been seen that women tend to be the victims of such crimes which led to the creation of acts protecting women.

Drug Distribution
Another high rated crime happening in India is the illegal trading of drugs. Since it is located between major countries trading drugs and other illegal substances, there are many cases of drug distribution and other drug-related crimes recorded in different parts of the country.

Arms Trading
Aside from drugs, illegal trading of prohibited arms is also recorded in the country. A wide range of small to large arms is found to be traded illegally in various areas in the country. In addition to arms, there is a also reported crimes of illegal trading of animals for their skins. Within a span of 5 years from 1998 to 2003, reported cases of poaching for leopards and tigers have reached over 600 cases.

There are still many crimes having increasing rates in the country such as cyber crime, police misconduct and corruption, scams and petty crimes. These are all increasing and authorities are still in the process of alleviating the increasing rates reported to them by both locals and tourists.