Japan Suicide Statistics

Japan Suicide Statistics

The annual rates of suicides in Japan have fallen under the 30,000 stage for the very first time in fifteen years, the NPA or National Police Agency published on January 17, 2013. Thanks to different hard works done by the local and central government as well as private sector institutions.

Japan Rate of Suicide

However opposed with other industrialized nations, Japan rate of suicides is still soaring. Suicide preventing hard work at various levels must not be relaxed. Both the local and central government must continue to push measure as the preparation of workforce who can give counseling for those who might be feeling suicidal, developing suicide prevention networks as well as enhancement of counseling as well as assistance for people who have tried suicide and bereaved households of suicide victim.

In year 2012, there are about 27, 766 suicide incidents happens, a decline of 2,885 or just about 2.4 % from year 2011 and declining to 30,000 for the very first time since year 1997. From the year 1978, when law enforcement begun raking figures on self kill, to year 1997, the rate of suicides was between 20,000 and 25,000 yearly. It reached 30,000 in 1998, the amount of individual who committed self kill rose significantly in March, the year when company year ended for many businesses.

In spite of fall in self kill in 2012, still the case is very serious. The amount translates into over seventy individual killing themselves per day or 3 individual killing themselves per hour, which is higher compared to .5 deaths per hour because of traffic accidents.

Rates Compared to Other Countries

The rate of suicides in this country for every 100,000 individual is 2 or 3 times higher compared to US and UK. Amongst the 8 developed nations, suicide rate of Japan is the 2nd highest next to Russia. The propensity in this country when it comes to suicide as an individual issue might have added to delaying essential societal measure. Year 2006, suprapartisan diet affiliates enacted the fundamental basic regulation to manage with queries linked suicide.

The following year, on the ground of the regulation, Japan central government take on the general ideas of total measures to handle with self killed associated issues. Essentially the ideas stated which self kill is not a loss based on person’s free will however is a person death forced especially those driven to a socially and psychologically hard situation.

The ideas were edited in 2012 of August and comprised measure to handle with bullying. The edited ideas sets the objective of making a communal in that nobody will be pressured to take their life. Both the local and central government must keep this objective in mind as well as strive to make sure which the amount of self kill will go on to decline.

Central government of Japan has a particular objective of declining the rate of yearly suicides by twenty percent in the year 2016 from the year 2005 level. Meaning approximately 25,000 self kill per year, the local and central government must realize which even though the objective is obtained; still it is worse compared to other wealthy countries excluding Russia.