Japan Crime Statistics

Japan Crime Statistics

Compared to other rich and industrialized nation, Japan has a lower crime rate. Japan crime statistics show that Japan overall crime rate continues to slow-down, there are issues concerning crimes committed via ethic Japanese individual and bad behavior by law enforcer in reporting crime rates.

Year 1990 the law enforcer identified more than 2.2 million of Penal Code Violations. Two kinds of violations are larceny with 65.15 of the whole violation and injury or negligent homicide that leads to accidents has 26.2 percent accounted for more than 90% of the illegal offenses. Japan in the year 1989 experienced 1.1 murders and 1.3 robberies for every 100,000 populace. Japanese polices also solve 75.9 percent of robbery instances and 95.5 percent of homicide cases.

At present times, the amount of crimes in this country is decreasing. The amount of crimes listed was 2, 853,739. This quantity was half in 2010 with only 1,382,154 crimes listed.

Rate of Homicide

Japan has a relatively low rate of homicide just about.83 for every 100.000 individual yearly. US has a homicide rate of just about 4.8 approximately 5.5 times worse than the rate of Japan.

Bicycle Crime

Bicycle Theft Japan’s largest crime concern. There are approximately 6.6 thefts for every 100,000 individuals recorded. This number has virtually doubled since the year 1989. Japan’s residents are stressed about it. This county has the second highest rate of bicycle rate in the rich countries, next to Holland.

It is likely which Japan’s rate is more precise. Once your bike is stolen in LA you are less possible to report it than when you are in Tokyo. Surprisingly, Japan law enforcer recovers over 50 percent of the stolen bikes.

The Total Victim Rate

In this country, twenty one percent of individuals are a sufferer of some type of crime in a total number of a crime victim, the lowest rates in rich countries.

In US, 39.5 percent of individuals are crime victims. In Australia half of the population is victimized yearly.

The specific issues to the law enforcement are crimes related to modernization. Improved wealth as well as technological sophistication has carried fresh white collar instances like credit card and computer fraud, insurance fraud and many more. Drug abuse occurrence is very small with other rich countries and limited largely to stimulants. Japan police try to handle this issue through broad coordination with IIO and firm punishment of foreign and local offenders. Fatalities and traffic accidents consume significant police resources.

The whole crime rate is lower compared to other countries such as the US and Australia. Crimes against United States individuals normally take account of personal disputes, vandalism and theft. Pick pocketing and other small crimes do rarely happen in crowded places such as market, train stations, bars and airports, night clubs and department stores.

Comparing statistics or numbers across nations is not always accurate. Countries have diverse regulations and ways for gathering crime numbers. Some foreign individual living in Japan will verify that it is a superbly safe place to live in.