Jordyn Wieber Controversy

Jordyn Wieber Controversy

What Is It All About?

Do you know about the Jordyn Wieber Controversy? Have you heard about that news that shocked many viewers and spectators? Well, the news that Wieber missed the ‘all around finals’ has been a controversy and it has been overwhelmingly publicized. It is only natural and Wiever actually deserves that just like she also deserves to have a spot on the finals.

First, take a closer look about Jordyn Weiber. She is an American gymnast and is renowned for being the first ‘US Olympic Women’s Gymnastics’ member that comes from Michigan. Since turning in aprofessional gymnast in 2001, she has evolved into a great gymnastics star, getting several sponsors like AT&T and Kellogg’s. And in the face of Jordyn’s fame, she has remained very humble.

Her Run In The Olympics

During the London 2012 Olympics, the ‘US Women’s Gymnastics team’ were competing in teams with only 2 of the 5 women qualified to contend and participate in the ‘all-around finals’ due to the new instruction or rule that per team, only 2 competitors will be allowed to advance into the ‘all-around finals’. Jordyn Weiber, one of the best in their team and who was actually expected to enter through qualifying rounds to defend her title –world championship didn’t qualify.

That time of the competition, Jordyn’s performances were not without fault or perfect. She scored 60.032 while the other team members – Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas have better scores, which helped them advanced to the ‘all-around finals’. That news was heartbreaking for both Jordyn Weiber and her fans. And as expected in major events today, lots and lots of people were frustrated venting their frustration about the news of her inability of advancing to the finals. Lots of people shared their frustration and heartbreak on Twitter about her not making it into the ‘all-around finals’, while there are others consider her attempt of controlling her frustration and emotion as inspiring.

But then, hundreds of teams and athletes have purposely trained for the very same opportunity in the Olympics and they have tasted defeat. And all athletes like Jordyn Weiber, received and deserve a chance of winning. But they should earn a distinction by competitively defeating their competitors in the competition. In the end, the best performance will win the day. No one can claim that those top 2 performers during the London 2012 Olympics didn’t earn and deserve their chance of moving on to the competition.


The Jordyn Weiber controversy has spiked a lot of attention from the people especially those avid fun of gymnastics. Though Weiber wasn’t able to advance in the ‘all-around finals’, still people believe that she is one of the best and the most inspiring gymnasts. And up until today, a lot of young people are looking up to what Jordyn Weiber has achieved and take them as their inspiration in becoming a good athlete. The situation that arises in the London 2012 Olympics shows people the real meaning of sports most specifically gymnastics. Though some consider it as unfair, but rules are rules and in sport rules should be followed accordingly.

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