MPAA Rating System Controversy


Do you want to know more about the MPAA Rating Controversy? The MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America is the one rating the movies that people enjoy watching. Their rating system is being used in order to determine suitability among mainstream films or movies for the American Audiences. It has begun in the year 1968 and was revised many times over the years, and the MPAA rating system has been constantly controversial within the general public and the filmmaking community.

Many people believe that their rating system is particularly skewed to some belief systems, making them quite an outmoded guide for the modern audiences. The rating system is comprised of five categories, which are segregated by age. Many people also believe that MPAA rating system has never been particularly logical or consistent.

Taking A Closer Look At The MPAA Rating System History

Before you can understand what the MPAA Rating System Controversy is about, you should take a closer look at its history. In the year 1922, the ‘big three motion picture studios’ founded ‘Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America. It was headed by Mr. Will Hays. In year 1930, they created ‘Motion Picture Production Code’ also known as Hays Code. This system is putting the movies and films people are watching into two different categories – acceptable & unacceptable. Then this was replaced by MPAA rating system, which is popular nowadays. And it was founded by Mr. Jack Valenti.

The main goal of the system was to help and protect filmmakers’ artistic and creative freedoms while also fulfilling its main purpose of communicating to the parents the main contents of the films in order for them to know which films are best for their kids and which films are inappropriate to watch. The rating system then went through changes such as the addition of the PG-13, the evolved PG, as well as the changing of ‘X’ into NC-17. People know very well about the different five ratings of MPAA – G, PG-13, PG, NC-17, and R.

What the MPAA Rating System Controversy Is About?

The MPAA rating system uses five well known ratings aimed for every movie. Americans and parents have used these ratings for over forty years. However, not everyone knows that there really is no particular standard or law to rate a movie? The raters of the MPAA rate films but it is without any basis or guideline at all. Some people claim that they are just making it up and bringing up some stupid opinions that don’t have any form of influence on the audiences. This is the very reason why people continuously believe that MPAA rating system is outdated and flawed.

The MPAA made some ridiculous opinions and decisions but still it has some believers who basically like the rating system as well as how they’re doing it. It is obvious that MPAA should definitely have changed their standards long ago, especially taking into careful consideration the tone and context of a film instead of just holding rigid and fast checklists.