Steve Jobs Liver Transplant Controversy

Steve Jobs Liver Transplant Controversy

The liver transplant of Steve Jobs becomes one of the biggest controversies in the year 2009. His liver surgery was held at Tennessee hospital in the country of California. According to the report, Steve Jobs buy a liver in order to take place his liver surgery. It is true that in the country of California, buying of a certain human organ is not advisable. In order for Steve Jobs to successfully obtain his liver surgery, he used his money to buy a liver from a donor that perfectly matches with the type of his organ. After this scenario, most people all around the world have their own arguments and comments about the liver transplant of Steve Jobs.

Transplants Around The World

According to researches, there are a wide variety of centers in the country of United States that usually execute liver transplants. Most of the centers that commonly provide liver transplants to those individuals who need liver surgery are all well trained and certified in their respective field of specialization. If you are one of those persons who need liver transplant, you need to seek out for a reliable and competent liver surgery center that will offer you with utmost quality service that you ought to receive. Most of the doctors will give you with intensive evaluation and examination to make sure that you can surpass the liver surgery safely.

The Controversy

According to the surgeon of Steve Jobs who perform his liver surgery, they make sure that Steve Jobs is prepared for the surgery and for other circumstances that might happen during his liver surgery however they exert their entire efforts just tome make sure that Steve Jobs will survive the liver surgery. Today, Steve Jobs is continuing his medication and according to his surgeon, proper rest is all that he need. Steve Jobs is really happy and grateful for the success of his liver surgery. He also added that money is not important for him, he also want to survive with his liver surgery and go back to his normal life before. Despite of the big controversy that he experience about his liver surgery, he still hoping that most people will not be afraid to undergone liver surgery.

With the help of modern medical equipments, you can be sure that you will be safe during your liver surgery however; you need to make sure that you will opt the professional and reliable liver surgery centers that have the potential to execute liver surgery to their valued patients. Most of the liver surgery centers in the greater of United States will provide their respected patients with world class service that they deserve to receive. You also need to make sure to properly choose the surgeon who has the ability perform liver surgery effectively and safely.


With the experience of Steve Jobs about his liver transplant, he completely learned how to appreciate the gift of life that he has right now and he will also make sure that he will cherish the his second life. In order to know and learn more about the Steve Jobs Liver Transplant Controversy, don’t hesitate to browse the web and rest assured that you will find comprehensive details about his liver transplant.

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