Belvedere Vodka Ad Controversy

Belvedere Vodka Ad Controversy

Are you familiar with Belvedere Vodka ad Controversy? If not, this is the perfect time for you to be aware and to have a clear and better understanding about the said controversy. In the recent year, Belvedere Vodka released her latest campaign ad that is associated with the controversial and viral subject matter about the sexual violence and suggestive rape issue. The above mentioned Controversy shows a picture of one man who hold a girl in his arms with a terror look on her face that is associated with one caption that states “Belvedere Vodka always goes down smoothly”.

Belvedere Vodka decided to post the ad on social media and unfortunately most people share their own opinions and comments about the ad however the Vodka Polish Company want the ad to be removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, the President Charles Gibb, extended his sincerest apology to all their fans who were been offended by their current tweet and the company also states that they will continue their main goal which is to advocate the safety as well as the responsible drinking. This is one of the current tweets that the company posted on social media.


Charles Gibb expressed his sincere regret for the launch of the ad. Additional offensive posts issued on their Facebook page warranted further apology. Gibb’s also guaranteed their fans that this kind of scenario will never happen again. He also added that the investigation for the launch of Belvedere Vodka ad Controversy is under intensive investigation and they will do all their best and exert all their efforts just to determine the actual issue behind the said controversy.

The senior vice president of Belvedere Vodka also extended his sincerest apology to all the people who were been offended by the stated controversy as well as those people who are part of the company. In connection with this, they have decided to donate a huge amount of money to Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network wherein it is a well known anti violence and sexual campaign. Fortunately, the RAINN decided to accept the monetary donation and apology from Belvedere . In this way, they can continue to help and support those victims of violence and sexual abuse.

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